Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2734

 In that case, the earliest we could get to the Jiaodong Peninsula would be tomorrow afternoon.


      However, if we can go to Jinling tonight first and talk to the young master of the Ye family about cooperation, no matter what kind of cooperation is discussed, we should be able to depart from Jinling to the Jiaodong Peninsula early tomorrow morning.


      Jinling is very close to the Jiaodong Peninsula, and the journey by high-speed train is only an hour or so.


      So, not only would this not affect her original plans, it would even be a little faster.


      So she agreed without hesitation and politely said: "No problem on my side, I just have to trouble your side to arrange the trip.


      Richard Chen smiled, "It's all a small matter, Ms. He gave me the details of the address and I will arrange for the helicopter to go there first.




      After He Yingxiu gave the exact address of the He family to Richard Chen, they said goodbye to each other and hung up.


      As soon as the phone hung up, He Hongsheng couldn't hold back his excitement and said, "This is really a case of someone handing me a pillow when I'm asleep. I was just looking for an opportunity to see if I could get in touch with the Ye family or the Gu family, and then a call came from the Ye family!


      He Yingxiu nodded his head, but also some puzzled, puzzled said: "Dad, I do not quite understand, why the Ye family will take the initiative to approach us


      He Hongsheng said offhandedly: "It must be because they want to go against the Su family, so they would think of pulling us in


      He Yingxiu shook his head and said: "As far as I can remember, the Ye family has never been too demanding of martial arts families.


      He Hongsheng waved his hand: "Just because they didn't in the past doesn't mean they can't now, maybe they just want to bring in martial arts families now and improve their overall strength


      "That's not quite right." He Yingxiu said seriously:After the Su family's accident, all the big clans have actually tightened up a lot, they used to be able to do some small moves behind the scenes through the martial arts families, but now they don't dare to do anything, so it doesn't seem like the Ye family should suddenly want to pull us in at this time.


      Saying that, He Yingxiu added: "Moreover, there's something else I can't figure out."


      He Hongsheng hurriedly asked, "What is it?


      He Yingxiu said, "This Chen who called


      I have to go to Jinling to see their young master, but shouldn't the Ye family be in Yanjing? Even if they have power in Jinling, but given the size of Jinling, a second-tier city like this shouldn't need a young master of the Ye family to sit in town, right?


      He Hongsheng frowned and asked her, "Do you think there is a fraud here?"


      He Yingxiu shook his head and said, "I don't think there's a scam, but it just seems strange and doesn't make sense.


      He Hongsheng was also a bit puzzled and muttered: "It really doesn't sound reasonable, why don't we call back and ask for clarification?


      He Yingxiu thought about it and said, "Better forget it, I'll go and take a look, I don't think it can be any kind of trap, and I really can't think of anyone who would be deliberately trying to deal with me."


      Saying that, she added, "I'll have a chat with their young master when I arrive in the evening, then try to have a chat so that I'll take the first high speed train to Jiao Dong early tomorrow morning, counting the time, it's even quicker than if I went to Jiao Dong directly from here."


      "Well," He Hongsheng nodded and said, "If there's anything going on then, contact me in time