Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2730

 Ye Chen looked at Chen Zekai and said, "Old Chen, you will remember Ruoli’s mother’s contact information in a moment, and first communicate with her in the name of the Ye family to see if she is willing to come over, if she is not interested in cooperating with me. Interested, I told her that the young master of the Ye family wanted to talk to her about dealing with the Su family together.

        Chen Zekai hurriedly said: "Good young master, I will implement this later.

        Ye Chen turned to Su Ruoli and said, "Ruoli, give Lao Chen your contact information, then go back to your room and rest.


        At this moment, the Northeast Desert City.

        This modest little city was one of the coldest places in the whole of China.

        Even though it was already the end of the first month, the lowest temperature in Desert City still reached minus 17 or 18 degrees, almost the same as the freezer of a refrigerator.

        At the coldest time of the entire winter, the temperature here is able to reach around -50 degrees Celsius.

        The He family, one of the four major martial arts families in China, is rooted in this county-level city with a population of less than 100,000. 

        The He family's ancestors were not born and raised in Desert City.

        They originated from the Jiaodong Peninsula, and during the Ming and Qing dynasties, they were one of the more famous martial arts families in the Peninsula, and their ancestors had always made a living by running dart boards and martial arts schools.

        At that time, however, the Ho family mainly practised external martial arts, so they were still far from the level of a martial arts family.

        It was not until the end of the Qing Dynasty, when war broke out in the Jiaodong Peninsula, that the Ho family, by coincidence, obtained a remnant scroll of an internal martial art.

        The main reason why it is called a remnant scroll is that nearly half of its contents were lost long ago, and there are many fragments of both the kung fu and the corresponding mind techniques.

        But even so, after the He family moved to the northeast, they relied on this fragmented internal martial art to become one of the martial arts families.

        Moreover, the internal martial art that the Ho family received was so defective that when the Ho family practised it, they would often experience disruptions in their internal energy and reversal of the flow of their meridians, which could result in serious injuries for months or even the death of many of their descendants.

        This is why the He family has gradually come to the conclusion that they should practice this internal martial art in the coldest places possible, as the cold weather helps them to control their internal energy better, thus reducing the probability of accidents.

        It was for this reason that the He family moved to Desert City, the coldest city in China, decades ago, and then took root here.

        Su Ruoli spent her childhood and her entire teenage years here, and her mother, He Yingxiu, has lived here since she broke her arm to save Su Shoudao, rarely leaving Desert City.

        However, during this recent period, He Yingxiu has spent almost half of her time running around outside.

        At first, when Su Ruoli was first captured in Japan, she heard Su Shoudao say that he was going to save Su Ruoli and personally rushed to Japan to see Su Ruoli and tell her to wait for her return home without fear.

        However, the news of Su Ruoli's disappearance and the betrayal of Su Ruoli by her family came out immediately afterwards.

        Since then, He Yingxiu has spent most of her time in Japan searching for Su Ruoli's whereabouts.

        Although she knew it was a needle in a haystack, she searched Tokyo and the surrounding areas for a long time, and then spent a lot of money to hire search and rescue boats to search the Japanese waters, and even searched the coastal areas of China, but never found any relevant clues.

        She had just returned from the south-eastern coast the day before, and this time she had run through several key port cities, but still no news of anyone having been smuggled ashore.

        She knew very well that the longer time dragged on, the less chance Su Ruoli had of surviving.

        So she discussed with her father, He Hongsheng, about raising some more funds to search the coastal areas of the Jiaodong Peninsula to see if she could find Su Ruoli's whereabouts.