Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2728

 Hamid said offhandedly, "Don't worry, old man! I will definitely learn with an open mind!

        Ye Chen gave a hint and added: ''Right, when this batch of construction workers you are looking for arrive and start construction, you must select some smart and resourceful earth soldiers from your team to help and learn along with them, so that while you can speed up the construction progress, you can also let your men learn to learn the construction experience, and perhaps after a period of time, you will be able to pull out a company of engineering soldiers!


        Hamid immediately said, "I

        will definitely find a way to form an engineering company!

        Ye Chen instructed again, "This matter must-be done as soon as possible, or else your entire unit might be wiped out before the fortifications are built." 

        Hamid was busy saying, "I'll get started on this today, I'll lay low until the fortifications this.


        Ye Chen said gratefully: "Forty

        The rest of the money will be used as reserves and flexibility, basically. The rest of the money as a reserve, flexible, basically ... you can raise your overall strength by more than a notch, make it whole!"

        After thanking Ye Chen, Hamid hung up the phone and immediately started to study the concrete plan for the infrastructure, while coordinating all kinds of resources to prepare for the launch.

        At this moment, Chen Zekai and Su Ruoli, who were beside Ye Chen, were both looking at Ye Chen with shocked faces.

        Su Ruoli did not understand why Ye Chen was suddenly instructing others on how to fight a war over the phone, after all, this was a time of peace and war was too far away from ordinary people, and she did not know about Ye Chen's trip to Syria.

        As for Chen Zekai, he was too shocked to speak.

        He was puzzled and wondered, "I can't understand why the young master is helping that Hamid? Could it be that the young master still wants to develop in the Middle East in the future? !