Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2727

 Hearing Ye Chen say that he had another problem that needed to be started immediately, Hamid was busy asking:Older brother, what problem are you talking about


      Ye Chen said: "The last time I went to your place, I found out that your base now relies entirely on diesel units to generate electricity.


      "Right." Hamid said: "The diesel generator set is quite convenient to use, but the cost is slightly higher.


      Ye Chen said: "It's not a bit high, it's quite high, the cost is at least several times higher than coal power


      Hamid said: "I have been implementing a strategy to conserve electricity here, basically no electricity or less electricity during the day, and ordinary soldiers only use electricity for lighting at night, so the overall electricity consumption is not high, the cost is acceptable.


      If you have a dozen or even dozens of fortifications in the future, each one of them will need to provide a corresponding electrical system to ensure lighting, ventilation, communication and even cooking inside the fortifications. would be very high.


      When Hamid heard this, he exclaimed: "Oops I forgot about this but I don't have any good solution now, the government army can't supply me with electricity and I can't afford to build a thermal power plant, so I can only solve the power problem by generating my own electricity with diesel units


      Ye Chen said: "Although you do not have the possibility of developing thermal power there, you can try to develop a certain amount of photovoltaic power generation.


      You only need to invest two or three million dollars at a time, and then you can build several sets of independently operated power systems generated by solar energy and then stored by batteries, so that you can completely get rid of fuel power, and the power generated every day is enough for your two thousand soldiers to use normally. use."


      The solar panels for photovoltaic power generation can be placed directly on the roof of the house, or on the hillside near the internal backslope fortification, which can also prevent enemy sabotage, and then put your diesel generator set into a safe cellar, and only maintain it during normal times, and then activate it to provide emergency power in times of emergency, in this way, you will have two sets of power supply systems.


      The only way to improve the chances of survival is to immediately replace the other set if this one doesn't work. To put it mildly, most of your men don't have much literacy, and you yourself haven't studied the military systematically, so your team has a theoretical basis. If you don't force yourself to think more and study more, it will be difficult to survive in a constant war.


      Hamid also realized the importance of Ye Chen's words, and immediately spoke: "Older brother reminds me that I must strengthen my knowledge in this area in the future, and strive to improve myself quickly


      After that, he said, "I will also start working on the photovoltaic power generation as soon as possible. 100 million dollars is a huge sum of money, and many problems can be solved.


      He didn't dare to expect Hamid to be a prime minister now, but to survive first would be an initial success.


      Then, Ye Chen remembered something and asked him: "By the way, the people under you have not studied much, if you really want them to operate the infrastructure equipment to build fortifications, can these people be able to do it?


      Hamid said without thinking: "I can't rely on my men, I'm angry at the mention of it.


      I don't think it's possible to expect them to build permanent fortifications," he said, smiling:




      I happen to know a friend who is in the construction industry in Iraq and has a lot of construction workers under him. He has long been used to the war in Iraq, and as long as the pay is enough, they won't refuse even if they have to go to the moon to dig a hole.


      The fact is that this kind of permanent fortification I'm talking about doesn't require too high a cost or too high a technical content. As long as you can take advantage of the height of the heights, the strategic advantage of the pits and the backslope to build fortifications, even if the enemy's artillery fire is extremely powerful, it will be difficult to defeat you


      Hamid said without hesitation: "OK I'll try to download it on the satellite network and have a good look at it.