Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2726

 Without hesitation, Hamid said, "Yes, let's do it my way.


      After saying that, he hurriedly asked: "Brother, what other suggestions and instructions do you have?


      Ye Chen said: "In addition, you must immediately purchase a large amount of food and drugs, stored in a dry and safe environment, the first stockpile, must be enough to store more than three years of total rations


      Hamid exclaimed: "Three years, that's a lot of food for an adult, that's at least 200 kilograms of food a year, for 2,000 people, that's 400 tons, three years is 1,200 tons!


      Ye Chen asked rhetorically: "Then I ask you, how much does 1,200 tons of grain cost?


      Hamid thought about it and said, "At the current market price, a ton of wheat costs about three hundred dollars, so twelve hundred tons, including transportation costs, is four hundred thousand dollars.


      Ye Chen said helplessly: "Now we are asking you to make strategic reserves, not to eat fresh food every day


      "Think about it, you first keep three years of rations in your hands, and then each year you will purchase additional according to the actual amount used that year.


      That way, you'll always have a surplus of three-year rations on hand


      "And as long as the grain is stored properly, it won't go bad in three years, and the relatively dry climate in the Middle East makes it easier to preserve, so you can replace the oldest batch with a new batch every other year."


      With this method, you can ensure that no grain stored in your hand will last longer than three years. ,


      Once the other side can't beat you down, prepare to surround you and trap you, you can still carry it for three years even if no grain can be brought in at all.


      The same applies to weapons and ammunition, as well as medicine.


    You should make more arrangements and plan for cycle rotation. You must have strategic reserves in your hands, and you must always prevent others from following you. Fighting a protracted battle.

      Hamid suddenly realized, and exclaimed: "Brother, I understand this trick is wonderful.


      Ye Chen said helplessly: "What's so great about it, this truth, in our Chinese summer, those who have studied in primary school basically know, thanks to you also came to China to study, why not learn the history of China," he said.


      Hamid said with embarrassment and shame: "Hey, I mainly wanted to go to China for gold plating and to practice my Chinese, but I really neglected other aspects".


      The main thing is to use the 100 million dollars to strengthen the defense, not only the fortifications should be strengthened, the defense materials should also be well prepared, don't worry, I will arrange someone to purchase food, ammunition and medicine, in addition to some infrastructure equipment and construction materials.


      Ye Chen said, "In this case, the problem of defense and materials can basically be solved. However, there is another problem that requires you to start immediately.