Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2722

Su Zhiyu said: "Sir, can I leave you a contact information?


    Du Haiqing saw that his daughter mustered up the courage and asked Ye Chen for contact information. For fear that Ye Chen would refuse, he hurriedly added: "Oh yes Ye Chen, you still Leave us a contact information, so we can communicate with you if you have anything in the future.


      Ye Chen saw Du Haiqing, the elders have opened up, so it is not good to refuse again, took out his mobile phone and said: "Then let's add a WeChat, there are things WeChat contact.


      Su Zhiyu said awkwardly, "Your Excellency, your men have taken away both my mobile phone and my mother's.


    Ye Chen nodded and said, "In this way, I will ask Lao Chen to arrange for someone to send the mobile phone back to you, and then let them send you my WeChat ID.


      Su Zhi Yu's heart was overjoyed and hurriedly said : "Then I have worked hard and benevolent. Du Haiqing remembered something at this time, and said: "By the way, Ye Chen, at the previous auction, he kept asking me for the price and wanted to buy the small courtyard that your father lived in. you are also right, "

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Yes, it was me.


      Du Haiqing asked curiously, "Then why did you finally give it to me?"


      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "I thought that maybe you needed the house more than I did.


      Du Haiqing smiled with some emotion and said, "Thank you for cutting the deal.


      "You should.


      After bidding farewell to Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu for the time being, Ye Chen took Su Ruoli with him and came out of the mother and daughter's room.


      As soon as he went out, he saw that Chen Zekai was already waiting outside the door, when he saw Ye Chen come out, he hurriedly went forward and said respectfully: "Young master, I have already made arrangements on my side, we will send Su Shoudao to the airport in half an hour, but he still has a few of his men here that we have under control, what are you going to do with him or not?


      Ye Chen waved his hand: "No, if you send them over, doesn't it mean that you have arranged a few servants for Su Shoudao, so let Su Shoudao go to Syria by himself. When you get there, you will have to fetch the water and eat yourself. He has to shovel the pit and make it by himself, and let him go and hone it.


      The other people are all sent to Hongwu.


      Chen Zekai said with a smile: ''Okay young master, I'll arrange it now.


      Ye Chen added: "Right, I'll send you an account number later, ask Su Shoudao to remit the promised US$100 million, and send him away when the money arrives. 9




      Ye Chen then sent the Swiss bank account number sent by Hamid to Richard Chen, who went to Su Shoudao the first time after he got it.


      Su Shoudao did not dare to delay and immediately called the head of finance of one of the group's companies overseas and asked the other party to immediately remit US$100 million to this account.


      Although Su Shoudao was not the head of the family, he still had the authority to mobilise US$100 million, so after verifying his identity, the head of finance immediately wired US$100 million into Hamid's account.


      Ten minutes later, Ye Chen received a call from Hamid. On the phone, Hamid's shocked voice was somewhat incoherent as he blurted out, "Elder brother Ye Ye I just received a remittance of one hundred million dollars... you didn't arrange this, did you?"


      Ye Chen smiled and said blandly: "Well, I arranged it.


      Hamid exclaimed, "Brother, what are you doing sending me so much money?


      Ye Chen laughed: "It's just a small token of appreciation, besides, didn't I say that I would support your career, and if you become a minister in the future, don't forget me