Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2719

 Su Zhiyu didn't know what her mother was thinking, but in her heart right now, she did feel the excitement of getting what she wanted, and the anticipation and fantasy of the future.


      She thought to herself, "Although it sounds like a hero saving a beautiful woman, it's because most people don't have the chance to encounter such a thing, and when it really happens to her, she can feel the killing power behind it. "


      "What's more, my benefactor saved me more than once, he saved me alone, he saved my brother twice once, my mother once, and this half-sister beside me once"


      A single saving grace is a lifelong memory, let alone so many times over and over again.


      "It's just that I don't know if my benefactor has any interest in me, or if he's still single."


      Su Zhiyu's mind was confused, wanting to ask Ye Chen, but not knowing how to speak.


      It was Ye Chen who took the lead in breaking the silence.


      He looked at Du Haiqing and said with respect, "Auntie Du, I'm really sorry for keeping you and your daughter here this time and not allowing you to contact the outside world.


      Du Haiqing said: "Ye Chen, don't say that, if it wasn't for you, auntie and Zhiyu would have been dead long ago, how could they have survived unharmed.


      She added: "What's more, you don't allow us to contact the outside world to protect our safety, which auntie still understands very well.


      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "It would be best if Auntie Du could understand."


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


      Du Haiqing said, "Ye Chen, you don't have to be so polite to your aunt, if you have any requests, just ask!


      Ye Chen said: "Su Shoudao will soon be sent to Syria, so soon he will disappear completely in the eyes of the Su family, as well as in the public eye, the Su family will definitely search for his whereabouts with all their might, if I let you and Miss Su leave, the Su family will definitely think that Su Shoudao's disappearance has something to do with you two, so I hope you can keep my secret for the time being.


      If someone asks about our whereabouts these days, I will say that we were saved by a mysterious person whose identity is unknown. If they think that Su Shoudao's disappearance is also related to this, let them speculate on their own.


      Ye Chen arched his hand towards Du Haiqing, and then looked at Su Zhiyu, and said seriously: ''Please also ask for more help from Miss Su.


      Ye Chen suddenly spoke to Su Zhiyu, making her a little nervous all of a sudden.


      However, she was more or less torn in her heart.


      After all, she was a member of the Su family, and if Ye Chen saw the Su family as a deadly enemy in his heart and continued to launch attacks on the Su family in the future, it would indeed be difficult for herself as a descendant of the Su family.


      Thinking about it, she asked Ye Chen in a low voice: "I can agree to your request, but can you please answer a question for me, my benefactor.


      Ye Chen nodded his head and said frankly: ''No problem, go ahead.


      Su Zhiyu plucked up the courage and asked him: "In the future, how will you treat the Su family, will you continue to be immortal, or will you let go of it?


      Ye Chen said: "Whether to let go or to continue depends on how much the Su family has to do with the death of my parents.