Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2718

 However, he also knew that he was now a fish on Ye Chen's plate, and could only be slaughtered by him.


      I'll give you Hamid's contact details later, and have Hamid arrange for a helicopter to pick him up at the border, instead of using the Ye family's channels. .


      Chen Zekai did not hesitate to say: ''Okay young master, I will go and arrange it right away


      Ye Chen nodded his head, looked at Su Shoudao and spoke: "The situation in Syria is complicated, Mr. Su, when you get there, try not to try to escape, otherwise if anything happens to you, you will only be able to bear the consequences yourself.


      Su Shoudao nodded in dismay and subconsciously asked: "Mr. Ye, can I bring some personal belongings to the place where there is a shortage of everything, if I can bring some toiletries, daily necessities and clothes, shoes and hats, it will save me some worries after I go there.


      Ye Chen said in a cold voice: "If you want to experience life, naturally everything should follow the local characteristics, you can use whatever you have, otherwise why not just build a villa for you there?


      Su Shoudao saw that Ye Chen's tone was a bit sulky, so he didn't dare to make any more requests, and his whole body was obedient, like a frightened quail.


      Ye Chen pointed at Su Shoudao and waved his hand at Chen Zekai: "Take him down.


      Chen Zekai immediately greeted two of his men and took Su Shoudao out of the room.


      At this moment, in the room, only Ye Chen, the two Su girls, and Du Haiqing were left.


      Although Su Zhiyu was in an extremely complicated mood, seeing her longed-for benefactor right in front of her, her heart was constantly filled with a girlish blush and nervousness.


      Su Ruo Li was a bit disappointed, although she had also been interested in Ye Chen for a long time, but in the end she had had more contact with him, unlike Su Zhiyu, who had been looking forward to him for a long time and then searched for him for a long time in a sea of people.


      Du Haiqing's feelings were equally complicated.


      She had suspected before that the benefactor Su Zhiyu had been longing for and dreaming about could be the boy she had seen at Ye Chang Ying's former residence, who was suspected to be Ye Chang Ying's son.


      Now, this suspicion can be said to be a prophecy.


      The reason why I have mixed feelings is that when I was young and in love with Ye Chang Ying, I never got a result back, and now that my own daughter has fallen in love with Ye Chang Ying's son, in case she repeats her own mistake, I, as a mother, will be overwhelmed with heartache.


      After all, the feeling of loving but not being able to let go of it had been a constant for her for the past thirty years.


      Thinking of this, she could not help but sigh in her heart: "Ye Chang Ying, Ye Chang Ying, you really do harm to people.


      But at the same time, she had a strong expectation and desire in her heart.


      She was looking forward to her daughter being able to marry Ye Chen, to be his wife, to be his wife, and to raise a family for him.


      For, marrying Ye Chang Ying had been the thing she had most looked forward to.


      She knew her daughter and had long since seen that she was deeply in love. Given her character, she was afraid that it would be impossible for her to get out of it, given that she was so deeply in love.


      Therefore, she believed that deep inside her daughter's heart, she must also want very much to make things right with Ye Chen.


      If her daughter could get what she wanted, not only would she be able to reap a lifetime of happiness for herself, but to a certain extent, she would also be fulfilling a long-cherished wish that had never been fulfilled.