Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2715

 Ye Chen had just returned from Hamid's place, so he was well aware of Hamid's current situation.

Hamid was definitely very short of money.

A force of two thousand people, without exception, were all masters who only spent money, not made it.

Those helicopters and those armoured vehicles, once they were in operation, were even more money-burning machines.

So many people, so much equipment, so many people eating and feeding horses, it's all money.

The opposition's sphere of influence is usually the poor and remote areas of the mountains, and they can't find any way to make money, so they can only rely on conquering cities or capital funding from abroad. 

In fact, Ye Chen has a lot of spare money in his hand, so it's not a big deal to really take out tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars to fund Hamid.

In case this big brother in the future revolutionary victory, the feudal lord and minister, perhaps their own small investment can also be exchanged for big returns.

However, Ye Chen had an extra eye.

The kind of business Hamid was doing was part of another country's internal affairs, and generally speaking no normal country would interfere, let alone individuals.

If one directly finances Hamid, the money flows are all traceable ......

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

He sent Su Shoudao over there and asked Hamid to find a job for Su Shoudao, keep an eye on him 24 hours a day and keep him honestly in Syria, and also ask Su Shoudao to bring Hamid a few tens of millions of dollars.

As for whether the Su family would get into trouble in the future for having financial dealings with Hamid, that was not something he had to worry about.

Therefore, he immediately said to Su Shoudao: "Give you two hours to prepare, at least prepare $50 million, I will arrange for a plane to send you to Syria, before your people arrive in Syria, this $5,000 has to be credited to my friend's account, otherwise, when you arrive in Syria, I will have them tie you to an armored car 24 hours a day.

The two girls from the Su family had embarrassed expressions.

Ye Chen didn't seem to care at all that they would be angry and displeased after hearing these words of bullying Su Shoudao.

After hearing this, Su Shoudao was scared out of his wits and said offhandedly, "Mr. Ye, I can pay the money, but can ......

Don't let me go to the front line

Ye Chen nodded and said: ''In this way, I will introduce you to the specific price bracket and service details of this Syria holiday package.

Su Shoudao was dumbfounded.

"Why is there a package slot? What the hell is this Ye Chen up to?"

When he was depressed and puzzled, Ye Chen opened his mouth and introduced, "First of all, the basic package cost of our Syria holiday package this time is US$50 million, as I have just said.

"But this $50 million, to the local can only enjoy the most ordinary meals and accommodation, I estimate that most of the time is to eat some pasta, if good, two or three days can eat meat once, as for the accommodation well, usually are dirt houses, but you this minimum package does not include indoor accommodation, to there can only live in the cowshed.

Su Shoudao has a heart to die.

"This black-hearted Ye Chen! 50 million dollars and you don't even get to eat meat every day?

"That's even better! The point is that you can't even live in a dirt house? You can only sleep in a cowshed? What kind of life is that?

Ye Chen continued: "If you add an extra $10 million and choose the $60 million package, then you can upgrade your meals to a meat meal every day, and as for the accommodation, you can upgrade it to a windowless cellar.