Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2713

 As soon as Su Shoudao heard that Ye Chen was going to detain him for three years, and that he had to exchange his father for him in order to get himself back, he was frightened for a moment.

As he was about to speak, Su Zhiyu, who was at the side, opened his mouth and asked: ''Your Grace, you targeted my father because of the anti-Ye alliance back then, but what are you targeting my grandfather for?

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said seriously: ''I targeted your grandfather for three reasons.

First, with your grandfather's absolute power of speech in the Su family, although your father was in charge of the Anti-Ye alliance, the one who was really behind it was definitely your grandfather!

Hearing this, Su Shoudao, who was on the side, nodded his head repeatedly with tears streaming down his face!

These words of Ye Chen spoke to his heart.

In the Su family, the prerequisite for doing anything must be the old man's nod of approval, otherwise, no one would dare to decide on their own. The fastest chapter updates on elite novels: m.jyyxs.COM

Therefore, although the Anti-Leaf Alliance had ventured out on its own, it was also, in essence, the old master who was directing it from behind.

At this point, Ye Chen looked at Su Ruoli and continued:Secondly, I don't like your grandfather's style of action!

"This old dog acts too vicious, people say that tigers do not eat their children, but that old dog of your grandfather does not care about this, his own granddaughter or his daughter-in-law ......

The old dog is not the only one who is ready to sacrifice his own granddaughter, daughter-in-law, or even his own son, all are scapegoats who can be sacrificed at any time.

He said, and then glanced at Su Shoudao, coldly said: "Of course, your father is not a good man, I heard that the order to kill dozens of people in the whole family of Ryojin Matsumoto was given by him?

Su Shoudao lowered his head and did not dare to speak, but he was still so nervous that his body trembled.

Su Zhiyu was also a little ashamed, her father's decision to do this had also shocked her for a long time. Although she could understand to a certain extent her father's desire to avenge herself and her brother, she really did not expect him to give Su Ruoli such a brutal order.

Su Ruoli was even more ashamed.

After all, it was she who had carried out the order to exterminate the Matsumoto family in the first place.

Ye Chen continued at this time, "Thirdly, if you don't hand your grandfather over to me, how could you possibly sit comfortably as the family head? As long as he is still alive, he will definitely not let you have your way, and this man will never release his power to a side until he dies!

As soon as Su Zhiyu heard these words, her entire body was stunned.

She understood that Ye Chen wanted his grandfather, in fact, for his own future and safety.

Thinking of this, she was silent for a moment, nodded gently and said: ''En Gong, I promise you ......


When Su Shoudao heard this, he hurriedly pursued the question: "Mr. Ye, before Zhiyu handed my father over to you, how are you going to send me down?

Ye Chen lightly said: "I have thought about it, I just met a new friend yesterday, his side of the conditions are not bad, you can send you over to experience life.

Mr. Ye, please don't send me to a dog farm, a black coal kiln, or a place like Changbai Mountain.

Ye Chen laughed: "Don't worry, I plan to send you on a holiday abroad to experience the exotic.

Su Shoudao's heart stuttered and he asked offhandedly, "Mr. Ye, I wonder if you know which country you want to send me to?

Su Zhiyu, Su Ruoli and Du Haiqing also all looked nervously at Ye Chen.

They were all afraid that if Ye Chen suddenly said some third world country in Africa, in case they were sent to some poorest country in the world like Congo, Zimbabwe or Liberia, then they would really have to suffer endlessly.

Thinking of this, Su Shoudao couldn't help but plead: "Mr. Ye, please don't send me to Africa, I'm too old to stand that kind of torment.

Hearing this, Ye Chen said with a smile: ''Mr. Su thinks too much, I have no connections in Africa, even if I wanted to send you there, there is no suitable place.