Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2712

 At this point, he didn't know what he should say.


      Saying that he would die would probably force Ye Chen to kill himself.


      If he said he wanted to help him, then he might just shoot himself dead.


      However, with his two daughters here, should he go and beg for mercy from Ye Chen?


      Wouldn't that be like breaking his word and leaving his two daughters behind once again?


      Su Shoudao was so torn and afraid of death that he fell to the ground as if he was paralysed, knowing only to cry but unable to utter a word.


      When Su Zhiyu looked at him, she despised him a little in her heart, but she also felt a little intolerant.


      She was actually not afraid that her father would turn against her.


      She was already disappointed with her father anyway, and there was no need to let him die at this time to show his will.


      So, she hesitated for a moment and knelt down in front of Ye Chen with a poof, choking back a sob: ''Your Grace Zhiyu dares to beg you to spare my father


      Su Ruoli actually had the same thoughts as Su Zhiyu.


      Disappointment was real.


      But the bloodline was still there.


      This man who was limp on the ground was still his own father.


      Even if he was as cowardly as a mouse, even if he was addicted to money, he was still his own father.


      How could she wish for his death when he had not harmed her with his own hands?


      She immediately fell to her knees and begged, "Sir Ye, I beg you to give me a higher hand.


      With a complicated expression, Du Haiqing also knelt down on one knee and said reverently, "Sir Ye, for all these years, as Su Shoudao's wife, I have been thinking of others in my heart, and I am indeed indebted to him.


      Su Shoudao really did not expect it to be like this.


      He did not expect that his two daughters, as well as the wife who was adamant about divorcing him, would all kneel on the ground and beg Ye Chen to bypass him.


      It was at this moment that his heart truly felt guilty to the core.


      He covered his face and cried bitterly on the ground, because he really wanted to live, so he had no face to look at his daughters and wife, and could only wait for Ye Chen's pronouncement.


      Ye Chen was also a little hesitant at this point.


      Hesitating whether he should kill Su Shoudao or not.


      If he killed him, the Su family still had other sons. It was said that there were five sons in the Su family, the eldest and the second were gone, and there were still the third, fourth and fifth.


      If he was not to be killed, he would not be able to swallow the anger of the Anti-Yeh Alliance alone.


      At this moment, he looked at Su Zhiyu and suddenly said: "Su Zhiyu, if you want me to spare his life, you must agree to two conditions.


      Su Zhiyu said without hesitation, ''Your Excellency, please speak!


      Ye Chen said in a stern voice: "The first condition, no matter what method you use, you must inherit the Su family within three years"


      After hearing this, Su Zhiyu was stunned


      She had never thought of inheriting the Su family, and even if she wanted to, she would not have the chance to do so, not to mention that she was a woman, and even her father, as the eldest son, had not been able to inherit the Su family for so many years, so how could she achieve this goal within three years?


      However, when she thought that it was a matter of her father's life and death, she could only agree to it first, at least to save her father's life, so she said out of the blue: "Okay, I agree to the second condition.


      Ye Chen said coldly: "The second condition, the day you inherit the Su family, you must hand over that old dog Su Chengfeng to me


      "Before you hand over that old dog to me, Su Shoudao's life will be temporarily kept with me, when you hand over Su Chengfeng to me, I will return Su Shoudao to you