Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2711

 When Su Shoudao heard this, his whole body trembled with fear


      He really didn't expect that both of his daughters were really still alive


      Moreover, they had both been saved by Ye Chen


      In that case, if Ye Chen really asked him to give his life in exchange, what should he do?


      He did feel guilty about his two daughters, and he did hope that they would be safe, but he was also a human being and he had not lived long enough.


      As he thought of this, he shivered and choked up, "Mr. Ye, I swear to God, I really didn't kill your father and your parents back then, I really had nothing to do with their death.


      He said, he hurriedly added: "I'll say it from the bottom of my heart, no matter what I did in the first half of my life, I was always overshadowed by your father, who was recognized as a great talent in Yanjing, and even in the whole of China, with his grace and talent.


      I am just the eldest son of the Su family. Not only am I inferior to him in every aspect, even the woman I love has always been in love with him, and even after his death I am still living in his shadow, a shadow that has enveloped me until now."


      Hearing these words, Du Haiqing's expression also suddenly took on a bit of guilt.


      Su Shoudao cried bitterly and continued, "For so many years, although I never admitted that Ye Changye was better than me, I knew very well in my heart that I, Su Shoudao, was a hundred thousand miles behind Ye Changye, and with my ability, how could I possibly kill him?


      "But if I could have killed him, why didn't I kill him when he was at the top of his game? Why didn't I kill him when he was at the top of his game?


      Ye Chen saw that he was emotional and said these words almost as if he was pouring out and venting, and he realized in his heart that, looking at it this way, Su Shoudao should really not be the murderer of his parents.


      It was not just that Su Shoudao's performance did not give any clues.


      It was more because his words did have some truth to them as well.


      Ye Chen thought to himself: "He must have hated my father.


      "So, if he had that kind of ability, he must have made his move long before his father shone brightly and covered him up completely.


      "It wouldn't have waited until after my father had receded into obscurity to do it.


      "That, doesn't make sense


      "Moreover, people say that my father is a heavenly talent, but Su Shoudao is not even close to being a heavenly talent, if my father really died at the hands of such a villain, then I'm afraid that would be a great insult to my father


      However, even though Ye Chen had concluded that Su Shoudao was not the murderer of his parents, he was still not prepared to let Su Shoudao go.


      For nothing else, just for the four words of the Anti-Leaf Alliance.


      These four words, back then, even if they had not ultimately caused the death of his parents, Su Shoudao had always been against his father, and this was still an indefensible offence and sin


      Therefore, just for the sake of these four words, Su Shoudao must also be made to pay a price for this


      So, Ye Chen said in a cold voice: "Whether or not my parents' death had nothing to do with you doesn't matter now, because as you said yourself, your life is not a tribute to my parents, but a sacrifice for your two daughters Even if my parents' death really had nothing to do with you, since Su Zhiyu and Su Ruoli are already standing here intact today, you still have to die!


      When Su Shoudao heard these words, his whole face was ashen.




      "Ye Chen is right."


      "Putting aside the matter of his parents, I just said myself that I was willing to trade my own life for the lives of my two daughters, I have already let my two daughters down on me to the core, I can't let them down even more now




      Thinking of this, Su Shoudao's heart was even more torn with pain.


      He did not want to die.


      Ten thousand times he did not want to die.


      On the one hand, he didn't want to disappoint his two daughters, but on the other hand, he didn't want to die like this, so he didn't know what to do.


      When Ye Chen saw him lower his head and not say a word, he suddenly questioned with a sneer on his face: "What, you want to backtrack now


      "I I didn't". Su Shoudao blurted out.


      Ye Chen asked, "Then how do you want to die, do you want to die yourself or do I want to help you?




      Su Shoudao was at a loss for words, his body twitching and trembling violently.