Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2710

 Ye Chen rolled his eyes and looked at him, raising his hand and slapping him across the face.




      This slap made Su Zhiyu and Su Ruoli both startled!


      Su Shoudao was completely stunned and asked in anger, "What's wrong with me?


      Ye Chen asked in a cold voice: "Su Shoudao.


      After Su Ruoli disappeared, did you really look for her?"


      Su Shoudao was stunned for a moment.


      "Yes, have I searched for her?


      "Of course not.


      "That's because, I really had no way to look for her


      "She disappeared in the middle of the ocean, and the entire nation of Japan failed to find her, so how could I, Shoudao, have the ability to do that?"


      "Because I knew the chances were negligible, I didn't even think about looking for her.


      "I've been pressured by the old man and can't mobilise any resources. The old man just sold Su Ruoli in the first place, so if I went looking for her in the second place, that would be going against the old man.


      So, I really didn't look for her.


      "In other words, Ye Chen didn't lose out on this slap in the face.


      When he thought of this, he lowered his head in shame and choked on a sob: "Ruoli, when you were captured by the Japanese, I really wanted to save you, and your grandfather said that he would help me save you, but to my surprise, he went behind my back and negotiated those nasty terms with the Japanese Self-Defence Force


      Tears rolled down Su Ruoli's eyes at once. She also guessed that the one who really wanted to betray herself must be her grandfather, Su Chengfeng.


      However, when she thought that her father had not made any substantial effort to save herself, her heart also felt a little cold.


      She felt that even if she was an illegitimate daughter, she was always his Su Shoudao's flesh and blood.


      It was indeed too inhuman of him to do nothing when his own flesh and blood had been betrayed in such a way, even when his life and death were unknown.


      He did not save or make any effort to save Su Zhiyu, the eldest daughter, not to mention your illegitimate daughter.


      Su Ruoli nodded gently when she heard Ye Chen's words.


      Last time, she had followed Ye Chen to capture Su Shoude, the second in the Su family, so after that time, she knew what had happened to Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu.


      Once she thought of this, and then thought of herself, her expression instantly became even more disappointed.


      In her opinion, the Su family was really a tomb of affection and humanity, and for the Su family,hollister, there was nothing in this world that could not be sacrificed and given up.


      Su Shoudao saw his two daughters looking at him with a look of disappointment and indifference, and his whole heart had collapsed.


      He fell to his knees and wailed: "Zhiyu, Ruo Li, I am the father who failed to do my duty, I failed to protect you properly. I have sinned!


      Su Ruoli turned her face away and wiped her tears with her back to Su Shoudao, while Su Zhiyu, her tears were flowing like a spring.


      At this time, Ye Chen looked at Su Shoudao and chided in a cold voice: "Su Shoudao, you fought against my parents back then, formed the Anti-Ye Alliance, and even had a high probability of being responsible for my parents' death, while I, on the other hand, saved your Su family's bloodline three times and four times!


      In Kyoto, I saved your son, Su Zhi Fei, and your daughter, Su Zhi Yu.


      And in Tokyo, I saved your illegitimate daughter, Su Ruoli


      "In Jinling, I saved your wife, Du Haiqing, and your daughter, Su Zhiyu


      "Leaving aside Auntie Du, I have saved three people and four lives in your Su family


      "Su Shoudao you just said that you were willing to trade your life for the lives of your two daughters, now both your daughters are standing here intact, it's time for you to keep your promise