Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2709

 Su Ruoli's room was not far from Du Haiqing's and Su Zhiyu's rooms, both in the same area of the executive floor, only separated by about ten rooms.

At this moment, she naturally knew nothing about what was happening in Su Zhiyu's room.

For some time recently, she had been making good use of her time to practise her martial arts.

Ye Chen had previously boosted her Ren Ren degree directly from forty percent to ten percent, causing her entire strength as well as her roots to change drastically, so she couldn't wait to take advantage of the good foundation Ye Chen had laid for herself and quickly improve her strength.

At this moment, Su Ruoli, who was wearing her sports underwear for her morning exercise in her room, suddenly heard the doorbell and subconsciously realised that it must be Ye Chen, and ran to the door in excitement.

He was about to open the door when he heard Chen Zekai's voice from outside the door: "Is Miss Su awake?

Su Ruoli's hand, which was about to touch the door handle, suddenly stopped and asked with some disappointment, "Is there something wrong with Mr. Chen?"

Chen Zekai politely said: '"Yes, our young master is here, meeting some acquaintances in another room, and would like to ask you to come over as well, I don't know if it's convenient for you.

When Su Ruoli heard that it was Ye Chen who was looking for her, the mood that was just a little disappointed was instantly excited to the extreme again, like a young girl who had just fallen in love, so she hurriedly said: ''Wait a moment, Mr. Chen, I will change my clothes and come out immediately!

After saying that, she hurried back to the bedroom, although full of fragrant sweat, but did not care to take a shower, hurriedly wiped, then changed the clothes that went out. The fastest chapters on elite novels are updated at


The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the mirror and see how it looks. "

She had no choice but to dismiss the idea and rush out.

When she arrived at the door, Chen Zekai was waiting.

When he saw Su Ruoli come out, he made a gesture of invitation and said, " Miss Su, please follow me.

Su Ruoli nodded and followed Chen Zekai to the room where Ye Chen was.

At this moment, apart from Ye Chen, Su Shoudao, Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing did not know who the other guest Ye Chen was talking about was.

Therefore, all three were very curious inside.

Soon, the door bell rang outside the door, and Chen Zekai spoke from outside the door, saying: ''Young master, the guest is invited over.

Ye Chen gave a hint and said, ''Let her in.

Chen Zekai immediately opened the door and said to Su Ruoli, who was beside him, " Please, Miss Su.

When she first saw Ye Chen standing inside the door, she was overjoyed, but when she saw the other people around him, she was frozen in her tracks.

She had never dreamed that her father Su Shoudao, her half-sister Su Zhiyu, and Su Zhiyu's biological mother Du Haiqing were all here!

Su Shoudao, Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing ......

When they saw Su Ruoli walk in, they were all shocked to the point of no return!

No one expected that Su Ruoli, who had disappeared in Japan, was still alive!

The whole of Japan can be said to have gone to great lengths to find her. The police department searched the entire country in a carpet search, the soldiers of the Self Defense Force also searched every city in the homeland in a carpet search, and the Maritime Self Defense Force, which had conspired with Su Chengfeng to take credit for the mistake, searched the sea off Japan in order to save face and make amends.

The Japanese thought that Su Ruo Li had been killed at sea, after all, it is difficult to find a person in the sea.

The family also thought that Su Ruo Li was probably dead and buried at the bottom of the sea, otherwise how could she have escaped from the Japanese net? !

But now, Su Ruoli had appeared in front of them alive!

Moreover, this was not Japan!

This was China, this was Jinling!

Moreover, since she was Ye Chen's guest, it must have been Ye Chen who had saved her back.

In that case, it seemed that this Ye Chen simply had a heavenly ability!

If he didn't have this uncanny ability, how could he have brought Su Ruoli back from the mouth of the tigers and wolves without a sound? !

This was simply unbelievable!

The one who was most excited was naturally Su Shoudao.

When he saw that Su Ruoli was still alive, he became even more emotional and cried, "Ruoli! Ruo Li is really you! Dad had searched so hard for you!