Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2707

 Seeing a figure roll right past her feet into the room, Su Zhiyu was also startled.


      However, she did not bother to look at who the man rolling past her feet really was, but focused all her attention on Ye Chen's face.


      Seeing Ye Chen truly standing in front of her, Su Zhiyu's whole heart seemed to be completely captured by him in an instant, and the longing she had felt for many days at this moment was like a spring that rushed straight from her heart into her eyes, and immediately afterwards, it turned into bean-sized teardrops that rolled down.


      She knelt down on the ground almost without thinking and choked up, "Thank you for saving my brother and my mother twice, thank you for saving my life.


      Ye Chen's face was expressionless as he pointed at Su Shoudao, who was bruised and swollen on the ground not far away, and said in a cold voice: "Don't rush to thank me first, look at who he is!


      Hearing these words, Su Zhiyu subconsciously turned around to look at him, and his whole body was struck by lightning




      Su Zhiyu never dreamed that the man who was kicked in by Ye Chen was his father, Su Shoudao!


      At this moment, Su Shoudao was also completely confused


      Although the old man had guessed that Su Zhiyu might have been saved by the Japanese expert, Su Shoudao had not understood this mystery.


      Moreover, she was in the Ye family's hotel.


      Su Shoudao had just been tortured by Ye Chen's soul several times, and was in a state of extreme guilt for his two daughters, now when he saw that Su Zhiyu was still alive, he burst into tears: "Zhiyu, Zhiyu, you're really alive.


      At this time, a shocked Du Haiqing had already come to Su Shoudao's side. She looked down at Su Shoudao, and then looked up at Ye Chen at the door, and her whole body felt as if it was a lifetime ago.


      Ye Chen, and Ye Chang Ying looked really too much alike.


      Standing in front of Du Haiqing, it made her feel as if she had gone back to thirty years ago all of a sudden.


      All of a sudden, she had gone back to the time when she had fallen in love with Ye Chang Ying and had dreamed of marrying him.


      At this moment, when Su Shoudao saw Du Haiqing walking out from inside, his whole body was struck by lightning.


      He looked at Du Haiqing and subconsciously blurted out, "Haiqing, you're alive too!


      Du Haiqing was awakened by this sound and snapped out of her memories, then looked down at Su Shoudao and saw his face in his fifties, and was instantly brought back to reality from her fantasy dream.


      She looked at Su Shoudao with an expression and eyes so calm that they made Su Shoudao's heart inexplicably flustered.


      Immediately afterwards, she spoke in the same calm tone, "Su Shoudao, after all this, can you sign the divorce agreement?"


      Su Shoudao was immediately ashamed and choked up as he said, "I'll sign it, and when I return to Yanjing, I'll sign it immediately.


      Du Haiqing nodded and said, "After you sign, I will be clear with you, and I will not pursue all the things that happened before."


      Su Shoudao said with tears streaming down his face, "Haiqing, the kidnapping and the car accident were all arranged by my father, I had nothing to do with it."


      I know." Du Haiqing smiled slightly: "We are husband and wife, I know that even if you hate me, you may not really have the heart to kill me.