Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2706

 Du Haiqing couldn't help but laugh a few times, "Haha, what kind of dream is this for you."


      Su Zhiyu laughed and said, "In the dream, it seemed that I was by the Yongding River, the place where I loved to fly kites when I was a child.


      He said, Su Zhiyu added: "You said this dreaming is also strange, I seem to be a little girl in the dream, but I don't feel out of place at all when I dream.


      The majority of dreams that are incongruous are the ones where you are so involved in the dream that you feel ridiculous when you wake up.


      I don't know how many absurd dreams I've had in my life, dreams where the dead person is still alive, dreams where I've changed my life."


      Su Zhiyao looked at Du Haiqing and saw the regret on her face that could never be erased, so she couldn't help but ask, "Mom, do you regret marrying my father?"


      The girl who was the same age as you would not have married him if she had known that marrying that man would be accompanied by a lifetime of resentment.


      Su Zhiyu's eyes could not help but bring a slight red tinge to them as she listened.


      She knew the meaning of her mother's words.


      If it was just for herself, marrying her father was something she regretted;


      However, if she included herself, marrying her father, having herself and her brother, she had no regrets.


      It was only this one sentence of no regrets that buried the true love of her mother's life.


      Su Zhiyu could not help but be moved to say: "Thank you!


      Du Haiqing laughed, "Silly child, what are you thanking me for?"


      She gently wiped away the tears at the corner of Su Zhiyu's eyes and said seriously, "So, you are not me, you are the same as that girl who was your age at the beginning. The only thing that matters is the right one. So in the future, you must choose the right one, remember what Mom said, don't settle for less.


      Su Zhiyu nodded her head repeatedly and said seriously, "Mom, I know."


      At that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.


      Su Zhiyu said, "It should be the aunt who came to collect the dishes, I will go and open the door.


      After saying that, she got up and went to the door of the room, reached out and opened the door.


      However, she never dreamed that the moment the door was opened, what she saw was the man she had been longing for and dreaming about for so long.


      Ye Chen


      At that moment, Ye Chen, who was tall and thin with a cold expression, was standing at the door of Su Zhiyue's room. When Ye Chen's face was close at hand, Su Zhiyue's whole body was struck by lightning, and she could not hold back her excitement.


      She couldn't hide her ecstasy as she looked at Ye Chen and blurted out, "Your Excellency, it's really you."


      Ye Chen looked at Su Zhiyu and said with a blank expression, "Miss Su, please move back a little."


      Su Zhiyu didn't know what to do, but she obediently took a few steps back and subconsciously asked, "Your Excellency, are you coming in?


      Ye Chen didn't say anything, but directly pulled Su Shoudao out from the wall beside the door and dragged him in front of him.


      Su Zhiyu didn't have time to see Su Shoudao's face for a moment, but he saw Ye Chen pull a person out of the blind spot next to him, and then

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      The next thing I saw was a loud boom.


      The next thing I saw was Ye Chen raising his foot and kicking the man into the room.