Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2703

 Every word of Ye Chen's words struck Su Shoudao's heart hard.


      At this moment, when he imagined himself carrying Su Zhi Fei, Su Zhi Yu and Su Ruoli's heads with both hands and walking up to the bloody throne, the dam in his heart instantly broke its banks.


      His eyes burst into tears and he roared, "No, that's not true. I never wanted to trade their lives for glory and wealth.


      The first thing that I did was to take a look at the newest version of the book.


      The most important thing is that you can't do anything about it, or you can turn a blind eye to it.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. I didn't know what had happened to her.


      I knew that Haiqing had always loved your father, she told me so when she married me, but I never thought that after all these years of marriage and two children, she would still be unable to forget your father.


      "I admit, I did hate her, I hated that she didn't see me, but I didn't want to kill her, it was my father who planned all that because he thought she was degrading the Su family.


      But how could I know that Zhiyu was in the same car with her?


      "I don't care if Du Haiqing is dead, I loved her so much and she hurt me so much, I'm already tired of it, Zhiyu is my flesh and blood, my most beloved daughter, how can I not feel for her but I can't undo it all!


      Ye Chen saw his emotion and asked in a cold voice, "If you were given a chance to save the lives of your two daughters, what price would you be willing to pay?"


      Without thinking, Su Shoudao said, "I am willing to pay any price, even if I have to die immediately, as long as they are safe and sound, I am willing to do it!


      Ye Chen nodded, "That's what you said, remember what you said, don't go back on your words."


      Su Shoudao thought that Ye Chen was mocking him and roared in anger: "What do you mean? Do you really think I am a heartless and unrighteous beast? Do you really think I would be willing to trade my two daughters' lives for any glory and wealth


      "I'm telling you, the reason I chose to submit to my father was because the log was already in the ground, I had no other choice but to do my best to minimise my losses, both my daughters were gone and I had to make sure I got the position of heir to the Su family"


      This is like a business deal, I have invested a huge cost, no matter what, I have to win to the end


      Ye Chen sneered, "Don't get so excited, I'm not trying to mock you, I'm just asking you to remember what you just said."


      After saying that, Ye Chen took out the mobile phone placed in his breast jacket pocket, with the finger camera just outside the pocket.


      After pulling out his phone, Ye Chen clicked on the red area where he had stopped recording and the video had finished recording.


      He then shook his phone and said to Su Shoudao: "Everything you just said is here.


      Su Shoudao was confused: "What the hell are you going to do"


      After saying that, he questioned with a nervous face: "You're not going to publish this video, are you?


      Ye Chen asked him in return, "Why are you afraid that old dog Su Chengfeng will see it and break up with you?"


      Su Shoudao swallowed and said nervously, "You have already taken control of my second brother, if you waste me again, what good will it do you"


      After saying that, he hurriedly said respectfully, "If you let me go today, I can give you a generous compensation, how about ten billion, if that's not enough, I can still add more"