Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2700

 He shouted at Ye Chen in anger: "Do you know what the Su family can do? Do you believe that I can kill you in a minute?


      Ye Chen waved his hand and said disdainfully: "Su Shoudao, save your breath, you have already fallen into my hands, so don't pretend to be strong and vicious in front of me, and don't think you can overpower me with the Su family, because my goal is not as simple as slapping you twice.


      Su Shoudao asked nervously, "What is your goal"


      Ye Chen laughed: "My goal, is to trample your entire Su family underfoot, not only big slap your face, but also big slap your father Su Chengfeng's face fastest chapter update: m.jyyxs


      "Su Shoudao had never met anyone in his life who spoke so arrogantly like Ye Chen.


      However, he also knew that he was now a turtle in someone's jar, there was no chance to escape, and if he really angered the other party, the other party might really kill him painfully.


      So, his entire aura instantly weakened and he explained: "Eldest nephew, you really misunderstood me about your parents' matter, this matter has nothing to do with me, nor does it have anything to do with my Su family.


      Ye Chen said, "It's not up to you to say whether there is a relationship or not, it's up to me"


      Su Shoudao asked nervously, "Then... Then what do you want?"


      Ye Chen laughed, "What I want, I have just said it, I want to smack your face first, then your father's face, and then trample your whole Su family under my feet"


      Su Shoudao's heart was horrified beyond belief, he never dreamed that Ye Chang Ying's son would come to seek revenge on him, and this guy's murderous aura was even so heavy


      At this moment, he suddenly thought of his brother Su Shoude who disappeared in Jinling, so he subconsciously asked, "Is my brother in your hands?


      Ye Chen nodded: "You are talking about Su Shoude, that dead fat pig, right, he is indeed in my hands, do you know how he is living now"


      Su Shoudao's face turned a little white as he inquired, "What have you done to him?


      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Oh, I locked him up in a dog cage, by the way, I took a video of him at that time, he was stripped naked wearing only a pair of trousers, and also told the video of your Su family's... You should have seen this."


      Su Shoudao immediately thought of the two videos that had completely ruined the Su family's reputation before.


      There was one of them, which Su Shoudao had spoken out in front of the camera.


      Su Shoudao had racked his brains to think what kind of person could be behind it, but to his surprise, this person was Ye Chang Ying's son


      He couldn't help but swallow his saliva and looked nervously at Ye Chen, asking: ''Then what do you really want today


      At this moment, what he feared most was that he too would be locked up in a dark dog cage like his brother.


      Ye Chen smiled lightly and said, "I know what's in your mind, but don't be nervous yet, putting your brother directly into a dog cage at first was indeed a bit too simple and rough, it really lacked some sense of art, so I have designed a whole set of super gift package for you this time, it's definitely a new design and a new experience


      "If you enjoy the whole thing, you'll remember it for the rest of your life, and it'll be a trip you'll never forget."