Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2699

 Hearing these words, Su Shoudao's entire body was struck by lightning and he stood motionless in front of Ye Chen.


      He had never dreamed that Ye Changyang's son would still be alive.


      He did not expect that Ye Chang Ying's son would appear in front of him.


      At this moment, his heart was not only nervous, but also a little more annoyed


      The three words "Ye Chang Ying" have been a nightmare for me ever since I met Du Hai Qing, until a few days ago when Du Hai Qing was involved in a car accident and his whereabouts were unknown. jyyxs


      The most important thing is that the person who is the son of Ye Changye is the one who is the son of Ye Changye.


      He stared at Ye Chen and asked in a cold voice: "Even if you are Ye Changyang's son, then what is the meaning of your appearance in my room now?


      "What do you mean" Ye Chen sneered, "I've come to settle a score with you, what do you think I mean?"


      Settlement of accounts" Su Shoudao saw that Ye Chen was coming from a bad place, and when he thought that he was in the Ye family's hotel and had no one around to help him, he couldn't help but feel even more panicked.


      So, he said nervously, "Your father and I are just acquaintances at most, no friendship or hatred, what kind of debt are you looking for me?


      Ye Chen said coldly, "Today, I'm going to settle the score with you for the Anti-Ye Alliance.


      Su Shoudao excused himself and said, "The Anti-Leaf Alliance was just an expression at the beginning, just like the airline companies have the Sky Alliance and the Star Alliance, we are competitors, so what's the big deal if we are targeting each other


      Ye Chen questioned: "Then how did my parents die?


      Su Shoudao said offhandedly, "How do I know that I didn't cause your parents' death either?


      Ye Chen smiled and said, "I really can't say if you have anything to do with it, but it doesn't matter, since you are in my hands, I can arrest you first and then slowly investigate clearly


      Su Shoudao subconsciously reprimanded in a stern voice: "Kid, since you are Ye Chang Ying's son, you should call me uncle, I am at least your elder, how dare you be so reckless in front of me!


      I just said that if you don't kneel down, I'll break your mouth, and I haven't kept my promise to you yet."


      Su Shoudao took a step back in fear and said nervously, "You think that because you are a member of the Ye family, you can just make a move on me? Have you weighed up what will happen if you mess with me?


      Ye Chen sneered, "I don't know what will happen, but I usually like to mess with it first."


      As soon as the words left his mouth, Ye Chen suddenly stood up from the sofa, and before Su Shoudao knew it, Ye Chen rushed to him, grabbed his collar, and slapped him on the face with his other hand.


      The slap!


      Su Shoudao's entire left side of his face immediately swelled up, and the five finger marks on his face were already bright red.


      At this moment Su Shoudao was directly blinded by the blow, and he roared hysterically: ''You dare to hit me!


      Ye Chen asked with a surprised look on his face: "Why don't you know the answer to this question?


      After saying that, he directly slapped Su Shoudao with another slap, which directly caused him to spit out blood.


      At this time, Ye Chen smiled and asked him, "Do you know the answer now? If you don't know, I can answer you again."


      Since Su Shoudao had been slapped twice by the night, his whole body had been smacked to the point that his mind was dizzy.


      The pain was so intense that his whole body was on the verge of collapse, growing up, he had only ever been beaten by the old man, but even the old man had never beaten him so hard