Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2697

 Just when Su Shoudao was expecting that he could save the Su family with his own strength, he was completely unaware that a big net had already wrapped around him.


      Ye Chen already had a two-handed plan at this point.


      If the person next door was Su Shoudao, then he had a special package for Su Shoudao;


      But if the person next door was not Su Shoudao, but someone else from the Su family, then he would be tied up directly to Hong Wu's dog farm to be a companion to Su Shoude.


      Chen Zekai filtered out the rooms next door one by one based on when they were booked, as well as the rooms that were booked out around that time and that had not been checked out by now, followed by further screening, and basically concluded that the Su family had come to Buckingham Palace this time with four henchmen in addition to the one who lived next door to Ye Chen, and of these four, two lived opposite the room next to Ye Chen, and the other two, next to Ye Chen of the next room.


      At this moment, one after another, many of Richard Chen's men were already in ambush in the nearby rooms, so that once Ye Chen gave the order, they would be the first to control these four men.


      In addition, Chen Zekai also had people prepare to shield and cut off the network signals, so that when Ye Chen gave the order, he could immediately ensure that the room next to Ye Chen, as well as several surrounding rooms, would lose all communication networks at the same time. The fastest chapter update: m.jyyxs


      The signal of mobile communication will be blocked, the wireless wifi network will be cut off, and even the traditional network, cable interface, will be disconnected from the network.


      The people in this room will not be able to respond to the call of the day or the call of the ground.


      In order to meet this "master" from the Su family, Ye Chen dressed up and then stepped out of the room.


      At this moment, a waiter arranged by Richard Chen immediately walked over and handed Ye Chen a room card.


      This one, was the universal room card for the entire Buckingham Palace Hotel.


      Nowadays, almost all hotels have adopted an electronic room card system for ease of management, where the door locks require an authorised room card to be opened at the front desk of the hotel, and the room card is normally authorised for as long as you stay, and automatically expires after the expiry date, which makes it easy to manage and also eliminates being used.


      In other words, the locks on each room are actually controlled within the hotel management system.


      Although it is not possible to directly control a particular door to open or close, it is possible to write the administrator's highest authority directly into the room card, so that this room card is able to open all the doors in this hotel.


      There are exceptions to this, however, if the occupant of the room, opens the security latch in the room, then the door cannot be opened even if the room is swiped open.


      However, many people do not have such a sense of security and so rarely use this latch of their own accord.


      Su Shoudao did use the latch last night, but after his men came in to report just now, he did not lock the latch shut again, but hurried to the bathroom to wash up.


      This was also mainly because he was more or less sloppy and careless and did not know that he had been exposed.


      Therefore, when Ye Chen got his room card and swiped it on Su Shoudao's room door, the door lock opened with a sound.


      At that moment, Su Shoudao was still in the cloakroom, arranging his clothes and instruments.


      When Ye Chen pushed the door and entered, he was still completely unaware of it.


      And Ye Chen had long ago used his supernatural perception ability to feel out his position in the room.


      At this moment, Su Shoudao was at the top right of the field-shaped room, where the bathroom and cloakroom were located. After Ye Chen came in from the top left, he went straight to the bottom left and sat down in the living room.


      Directly opposite to Ye Chen was the bedroom door of this luxurious suite.