Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2694

 This also gave him a slight sense of crisis in his heart.


      A thing like aura was quick to use, but it was far from easy to accumulate.


      If there wasn't a consistent and effective way to replenish aura, I was afraid that it would be difficult in the future. It would be even more difficult.


      Thinking of this, he could not help but recall, in his mind, the contents of the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures.


      In the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, it was recorded that there was an even more advanced elixir than the Spring Return Pill, called the Peiyuan Pill. 


      Don't look at the name of the Peiyuan Dan which seems to be less arrogant than the Spring Return Pill, but this kind of pill is directly a big level higher than the Spring Return Pill.


      It is the most pure energy in heaven and earth, and is one of the best types of power.


      However, this Peiyuan Pill is a true elixir of spiritual energy.


      Although it was at the most elementary entry level among pills containing spirit energy, the ingredients it required were, without exception, all extremely rare heavenly treasures.


      Among the most demanding, it requires a Lingzhi of at least a thousand years old, a snow ginseng of over a thousand years old, and an ambergris of over ten thousand years old.


      I didn't know if the thousand year old Lingzhi was good to find, but the thousand year old Snow Ginseng, Ye Chen did have one, when Wei Liang was ostracised by his biological father and his half-brother in the Wei family, in order to gain a foothold in the Wei family, he gave himself the thousand year old Snow Ginseng that his mother had passed down to him, that Snow Ginseng he had kept for himself and hadn't used yet.


      However, this 10,000 year old or more ambergris was indeed too much of a worry.


      As we all know, ambergris is the secretion from the body of a sperm whale, and is the finest spice ingredient, and likewise a medicinal herb.


      It is not a problem to buy ambergris alone, one can buy it with money.


      But to buy 10,000-year-old ambergris is like a dream.


      The sperm whale itself does not have a lifespan of 10,000 years, and the longest it can live is about 70 years. If we extrapolate this time, the 10,000 year old ambergris must have been grown by a sperm whale that died 10,000 years ago before it died.


      The history of human civilization is not as old as 10,000 years, where can one find a piece of secretion left in the body of a sperm whale 10,000 years ago?


      When he thought of this, Ye Chen couldn't help but feel a headache again.


      Such a difficult preparation could only make the most elementary aura pills, and if he were to make more advanced aura pills, wouldn't it be even more impossible?


      Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn't help but sigh and secretly thought, "I might as well say hello to Qin Gang, he has always been in the medicinal herb business, he might not be able to find a 10,000 year old ambergris, but a 1,000 year old lingzhi should not be a problem, as for the ambergris, we can take our time to find it.


      So, he immediately sent a WeChat to Qin Gang, asking him to try to find these two items for himself.


      I know a Hong Kong herbalist who collects a lot of old herbs, and there are stocks of 1000 year old lingzhi, 100 year old Chenpi and 100 year old Pu'er.

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      As for ambergris, there are actually often people who offer it, but most of them are of relatively ordinary quality. The best I remember is a 1,000-year-old piece of white ambergris that was auctioned at Sotheby's a few years ago, but a 10,000-year-old ambergris is something I have never heard of in all my years as a medicinal herb.


      Ye Chen did not feel disappointed after hearing this, and with a faint smile, instructed, "Then I'll have to ask you to help me get the thousand year old Lingzhi done first, and as for the ten thousand year old ambergris, just keep an eye out for me."


      "No problem." Qin Gang agreed without hesitation.


      Ye Chen said thank you, and then did not continue communicating with Qin Gang.


      Just as he was about to rest, someone rang the doorbell of the next room.


      Su Shoudao, who was wrapped in a sleeping robe, saw that it was one of his own men, so he opened the door of the room and let the other party in.


      When he came in, he said in a low voice, "Master, I have found out that Ito Yohiko's men have booked a golf course at Hichun Lake, five kilometres from here.


      Su Shoudao said excitedly, "The golf course is so good that it avoids Buckingham Palace, it's a great opportunity to meet Yohiko Ito quietly.