Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2689

 While Ye Chen and He Zhiqiu were rushing back to Jinling, Hamid was also rushing back to the valley in northern Syria.


      At this moment, his men were talking a lot, and all of them did not understand why Hamid suddenly wanted to send a hostage out.


      And, in addition to the woman hostage, there was another guy, whom no one had ever seen before, who appeared out of nowhere and followed Hamid.


      At least it was a heavily guarded military compound, and it was the first time that someone who was unknown to anyone had appeared out of nowhere, something so unbelievable that it could be said to be somewhat bizarre.


      So, after Hamid left, everyone couldn't wait to find out what had just happened.


      Hamid's deputy personally went to the cellar and tried to find someone to ask what had happened, but Faisal and the others, who were loyal to Ye Chen, took advantage of the fact that there was only a narrow entrance to the cellar and that there was an iron gate that was easy to guard and hard to attack, and held a dead guard inside the iron gate to prevent anyone from entering.


      Hamid's deputy had not expected Faisal's betrayal, and in his desperation he wanted to use a bomb to blow up the cellar, but the thought of the seven hostages inside, who could be exchanged for ransom, temporarily dissuaded him.


      However, he knew in his heart that although the cellar was difficult to defend, the cellar itself was also a dead end, so as long as he held the exit, it would not be long before Faisal surrendered.


      So he immediately deployed nearly 100 additional armed men in the courtyard, all with their guns trained on the exit of the cellar, ensuring that anyone who came out of it would be beaten to a pulp in an instant.


      Just then, the helicopter roared into the sky, making everyone tense up.


      Everyone recognised the helicopter as the one that Commander Hamid had just been in.


      But no one knew now if Commander Hamid would step out of this aircraft later on after it landed.


      The helicopter descended slowly, and when Hamid's deputy saw that the helicopter was going to land in the courtyard, he immediately told the soldiers around him: "Everyone move out of the way to make room for the helicopter to land!


      The soldiers in the courtyard, which had been full of soldiers, quickly spread out in all directions, leaving a clear space for the helicopter to land.


      Immediately afterwards, the helicopter landed slowly.

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      After the aircraft landed, the hatch opened instantly and Hamid jumped straight out of the aircraft, seeing such a fight, he asked, "What are you all doing?"


      The second-in-command hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Commander, where are you going?"


      Hamid said indifferently, "Both of them are my friends, so don't ask any more questions.


      The deputy didn't dare ask any more questions and said, "Commander, Faisal and the others have defected and they are now in the cellar, ready to resist.


      "No," Hamid said, "I left Faisal down there, don't speculate!


      With that, he immediately took a step towards the entrance to the cellar.


      It was only then that the deputy suddenly came to his senses and exclaimed, "Commander, what happened to your leg?


      Hamid smiled slightly and asked him, "You are the one who wants to ask how my leg is not lame, aren't you?"


      The deputy nodded gently.


      The soldiers around him also looked shocked, they too realised that Hamid's left leg had become completely normal, and deep inside each one of them was extremely curious as to what had happened to Hamid.


      Hamid laughed: "My benefactor has given me a miracle pill that has cured my leg, from now on, I, Hamid, am no longer a cripple!


      The soldiers around him were dumbfounded!


      A magic pill to cure a crippled leg that has been irreversibly damaged!


      Is this not a dream?