Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2688

 Ye Chen said approvingly, "If I were to comment realistically, you guys did run this thing stupidly, rightly and not wrongly anyway, but you are wrong in taking the wrong stand, if you really want to reduce war for the world, you should not be propagating anti-war in Syria, but in front of the White House in Washington, because your homeland, at least, is responsible for modern responsibility for about 50 wars around the world."

        He Zhiqiu nodded gently, and then hurriedly said, "Mr Ye, actually I want to say that I am not the kind of banana man who comes"

        Ye Chen asked curiously, "What is a banana man?"

        He Zhiqiu busily said, "A banana man is a Chinese person like us who was born and raised in the United States, with the body and genes of a yellow man, but the thinking and outlook of a white man in the West."

        Ye Chen asked with interest, "Don't you think like a Western white man?"

        He Zhiqiu shook his head and said, "Although I was born and raised in the United States and took American citizenship, my parents taught me from a young age that my roots were in China and told me to remember that wherever I went, I was a Chinese creed."

        Ye Chen nodded gently and asked again, "But I heard your father say that you don't seem too willing to return to China?"

        He Zhiqiu explained, "It's mainly because I have some communication problems with him, in fact, this problem has always existed between us, father and daughter, when I was small, he was always busy making money, flying all over the world all day long, rarely giving me attention, and rarely allowing me to experience fatherly love, so the relationship between the two of us was rather stiff, later after my mother died, the relationship It became even more strained, and my reluctance to return to China was just an excuse to reject him."

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        Saying that, He Zhiqiu sighed and added: "In fact, I have thought about it myself, even if I don't go to ease up with him now, when he is really old, I still have to find a step to his side to take care of him, it's just that I have always thought before that he is only in his fifties, it's not yet that time when we must ease up"

        Ye Chen nodded with understanding and spoke, "If you think it's really hard for the two of you to de-escalate, there's actually no need to necessarily go to Jinling right now, that is, your father's greatest hope is also that you can be safe, and if you still want some privacy for the time being, I believe he will be able to understand."

        He Zhiqiu said offhandedly, "But I have already promised you ah"

        Saying that, she realised something and said shamefacedly, "But you may now find it difficult for me to take up your post, after all, I made such a big mistake in judging the situation, which proves that my ability and fire are not enough"

        Ye Chen waved his hand: "It's not the same thing, just because a person misjudges a friend doesn't mean he'll make mistakes in other things too, I've always believed that genius definitely doesn't follow the barrel effect."

        "A person who is balanced in everything is not a talent, he is a mediocrity!"

        "Only people who are extremely strong in one area are truly talented!"

        "If it's someone who is extremely strong in certain aspects, then it's a genius!"

        Saying that, Ye Chen said seriously, "You should have seen many Hollywood inspirational movies, there are people who look like idiots but are extremely talented in mathematics; there are people who can't do anything but can just play basketball like a pro; there are people who can't even speak well but are top physicists, or astronomers;"

        "Even a top genius like Einstein doesn't do everything right."

        "So, to me, as long as you can do this piece of business well, all the other shortcomings are not much of a problem in my eyes."

        He Zhiqiu nodded gently and said seriously, "Mr. Ye, as long as you are willing to give me the opportunity, I will definitely do my best and do my best to help you get this piece of business up and running!"

        Ye Chen smiled and said, "That's really great, besides I think you can ease up with Uncle He this time when you go to Jinling, he really cares about you a lot, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to come to Syria to save you."