Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2687

 The long, slender Concorde took off from Beirut International Airport in the Lebanese capital.

        The plane took off and went straight into the clouds, sailing at top speed towards China.

        On the plane, He Zhiqiu sat at the window, gazing out alone in a daze.

        Up until now, she still felt as if she had dreamt the experience of the past hour or so.

        However, she quietly looked at Ye Chen, who was sitting not far away with his eyes closed, and could again clearly feel that all this was not a dream, but real.

        Thinking that Ye Chen had gone deep into Syria alone and saved herself from the brink of death, He Zhiqiu felt nothing but gratitude and guilt in her heart.

        She felt that after so many years of reading and studying economics and finance, in the end, she was naive enough not to even see through human nature.

        At first, she felt ashamed of herself for abandoning her companions, but now, when she thought about it, it was her friends who really had no good intentions.

        As far as they were concerned, they would rather die with them than have a chance to live themselves.

        Even they, too, had a chance to live, but they squandered it recklessly themselves.

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        As a result, having squandered their chance, they began to feel extraordinarily angry that they had the chance to leave.

        Such people made her fully appreciate the evil of human nature.

        Thinking of this, she silently stood up from her seat, then paced to Ye Chen's side and gently sat down.

        Ye Chen, who was resting his eyes closed, felt someone sitting beside him, opened his eyes and saw that it was He Zhiqiu, so he smiled slightly and asked her, "Why don't you take advantage of these few hours of flight time to rest and relax?"

        He Zhiqiu said somewhat awkwardly, "My heart is particularly confused, and I can't sleep either"

        Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen and said in shame, "Mr. Ye, I'm really too embarrassed today."

        Ye Chen smiled faintly, "You are about those few friends of yours, right?"

        "En," He Zhiqiu nodded gently and lamented, "I really didn't expect them to be such people, you are right, I don't know enough about human nature, perhaps my social experience is still lacking a lot."

        Ye Chen laughed: "The more social experience you lack, the more it proves that you have been well protected since you were a child, many children who are a few years old or a teenager have a great deal of social experience very early on, which instead proves that their families of origin have not given them enough protection."

        Saying that, Ye Chen added: "Moreover, this matter you have experienced is indeed rather special, a normal person, under normal circumstances, would not be able to experience such a thing as being kidnapped by another country's armed forces, the world's population of six or seven billion people, it is estimated that there are not even six or seven thousand people who have this kind of experience, translating into an average of one in a million people would have this kind of experience, so to congratulate you, after tonight, you'll have a hands-on experience that 9999 people, don't have the chance to have, and all of a sudden you've left the vast majority behind."

        He Zhiqiu was even more ashamed and said with a red face, "You just don't make fun of me, I know I ran this thing quite stupidly from start to finish."