Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2683

 To Ye Chen, the Spring Return Pill was still of some value, but this Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, the cost could really be so low as to be negligible.

Moreover, this kind of elixir no longer had much for the current him. It was no longer of practical use. The reason why he still carried it around with him was only to deal with some special situations.

Now, for example, this blood dispersing and heart saving elixir came in handy.

Hamid's left leg was his greatest regret in his life, and in his opinion, it was impossible to cure it, but for Ye Chen this Blood Dissipating Heart Saving Pill, even if both his legs were crippled, he could still be cured by taking one of them.

So, Ye Chen first handed this pill to Hamid and said with a slight smile: "Old brother, this divine pill of mine is made by an ancient Chinese divine doctor, it can cure all kinds of diseases and is worth a lot of money, I originally paid a heavy price to buy it and carry it with me at all times, in order to save my life in case of emergency.

As he said this, he sighed with some reluctance and lamented: "However, since you need this miracle pill more than I do, I will give it to you today!

When Hamid heard this, he was flattered and surprised at the same time, asking, "Do you mean that my lame leg can be cured if I take this pill? !

Ye Chen nodded and said in a very certain tone: "That's right ......

The only thing I need to do is to take it and see the effect on the spot.

After saying that, he pointed to the surroundings and laughed: "As long as you take this pill, a minute later, you will definitely run more nimbly than a rabbit on this mountainous terrain.

When Hamid heard him say this, he couldn't believe it any more.

This was because he had indeed expended a huge amount of energy, money, and material resources to cure this leg of his.

He had basically seen all the world's top orthopaedic experts, and the more experts he saw, the more convinced he became that his leg would never be cured.

But now Ye Chen handed him a pitch-black pill and said that this - a pill - could cure his crippled leg, which had turned his perception of medicine upside down.

So, he asked somewhat incredulously: ''Old you said that, is it true?

Ye Chen laughed: ''Is it true or not, won't you know if you eat it? Besides, you don't have to worry that I will harm you, because if I want to kill you, it is much easier to use a gun than poison."

Hamid nodded, he wasn't worried at all that Ye Chen would harm him, after so many years in the chaotic world, he trusted his eyesight and judgement very much.

So, he put his heart into it, took the pill and said with an arch of his hand, "Older brother, whether this medicine is effective or not, older brother thanks you in advance! No matter how much you have spent on this pill, I will double, oh no ......

I'll give it to you ten times!

After saying that, he immediately stuffed the pill into his mouth and chewed it open with force, before he could swallow it into his belly, the pill immediately turned into a sweet medicinal water and flowed into his body.

Immediately afterwards, he felt that the medicinal water, like a sweet spring flowing through dry land, seemed to nourish the organs everywhere it went from the moment it entered his mouth

Then, something even more miraculous happened!

He felt that the medicinal power, as if it was guided by someone, converged directly towards his left leg!

He felt his left leg getting hotter and itchier, as if it had been bitten by countless mosquitoes.

Just as the itch was unbearable, he suddenly found that the muscles of his left leg, which had long since atrophied, began to rejuvenate.

Originally, his left leg was not only atrophied and lame, but also because he had been injured, so he could not use much strength in his left leg.

But now it was different.

He could feel that the strength in his left leg was being restored at a rapid pace!

He tried to stand up, and his left leg, which had been very strained, surprisingly exploded with strong strength in an instant, allowing him to go from a one-knee position to a full stand in an instant.

And even more miraculously, he was no longer standing with his body tilted to the left, but standing completely straight