Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2680

 The helicopter immediately began to ascend, and then headed towards the coordinates Ye Chen had agreed with Han Guangyao and the others.

A few dozen kilometres of mountainous terrain might not be reached by ordinary people on foot in a day, but the helicopter only took ten minutes.

Soon, the helicopter arrived at the coordinates, which were on top of a relatively gentle mountain, not too high in elevation and not too steep in terrain, but there were no roads for several kilometres around, so there was hardly any human traffic.

After the helicopter landed at the top of the mountain, Ye Chen said to Hamid: ''Older brother, it's still hard for you to wait here for a while, you can leave again when the plane that will pick me up arrives.

Hamid did not hesitate to say:" Should be should be, this is also a bit more reassuring for you!

After saying that, he then ordered the pilot, " Turn off the engine and lights, we will wait here for a while! 

The pilot immediately did as he was told.

When the plane's engine stopped turning, the surroundings were instantly quiet. Once it was quiet, He Zhiqiu's sobbing could be heard, and at this moment, she had no idea how many tears she had shed.

Ye Chen reached out to remove the hood from her mouth, and He Zhiqiu's first words were, "Send me back! Or you can go on your own and let them take me back!"

Ye Chen said slightly mockingly, "Your father told me that you were a very smart person and a very good businessman and manager, but I really didn't think that you would be so stupid." He Zhiqiu begged, "You don't understand, if I leave like this, it will become a lifelong demon, a lifelong nightmare for me, I beg you to let me go back, if all my friends die and I am the only one alive, I will be tortured and tormented for the rest of my life, instead of that, let me stay!

Ye Chen realised that this mentality of He Zhiqiu's was perhaps not stupidity, but a characteristic of her own personality.

Most could easily forgive themselves, but some would not, and such people would not only not forgive themselves easily, but would suffer for the rest of their lives.

If those seven people were really just that ......

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

The actual fact is that you'll be able to get over this hurdle in your heart as long as your friends survive?"

He Zhiqiu nodded gently and asked after her, "Can you save them?

Ye Chen looked at Hamid and spoke, "Older brother, let me be honest, those seven people, even if you killed them all, the White House would not give you a single penny.

Hamid also realized, nodded and said, "Indeed, they don't have half a mind to give money, and have already blocked the news in the western world, even if I kill them all, the western media will not report it, it won't serve the purpose of forcing them."

Saying this, he sighed and gritted his teeth, "OK, old brother if you need to, then I will release them or send another helicopter to bring them over.

He Zhiqiu was instantly surprised.

But at this time, Ye Chen immediately waved his hand and said:No, I just need them to survive, I don't want to take them away with me."

Hamid was busy asking, "Older brother, then what do you mean?

Ye Chen said: "How about this, you don't kill them, let them stay as laborers, in your troops to do odd jobs, cooking, digging trenches, transporting goods and so on, I believe they are still capable of doing this, keep them a life, let them stay in Syria for the rest of their lives to work for you, it is also considered that you did not kidnap them back for nothing.

Hamid immediately understood Ye Chen's meaning.

He knew that Ye Chen did not want to save those guys, but only wanted to save their lives for He Zhiqiu's sake.

So he immediately agreed and said, "Since old brother has said so, then don't worry, I will put them to good use, give them a mouthful of food, let them live, and honestly work for me as hard labourers."

Ye Chen nodded and asked He Zhiqiu rhetorically, "They won't be killed, is that satisfactory to you?"

He Zhiqiu questioned with some anger:" You can obviously ......

Why did you have to do this?

Ye Chen also asked her rhetorically, "Joke, I've already given you enough face by leaving them alive, why should I save them from leaving?"

He Zhiqiu couldn't help but say, "It's clear that with just one word from you, they can regain their freedom, but why are you unwilling to help them?

"Help them?" Ye Chen sneered and asked her: 'On what grounds? There are millions of refugees in Syria and over 700 million people in Europe, so if each person in Europe donated a fist-sized loaf of bread a day, they would be able to feed them and make them fat, but why do these refugees still have no place to live and no food to eat?"

Saying that, Ye Chen asked, "There are 400 million extremely poor people in Africa, while the world's developed countries have a combined population of nearly one billion, so if only these people from developed countries, if every two people from developed countries feed one African, there will be no more extremely poor people in the whole of Africa, but why don't they do that?"

He Zhiqiu was dumbfounded by the question, his face turned red but he could not find a suitable reason to retort.

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice at this time, "You always think it's easy for me to save him with a single word, so you think I have to, which is a brainless paradox in itself! Bill Gates is so rich, it's easy to come up with ten billion dollars, why don't you let him pay a ransom of seventy million dollars to get these seven of his compatriots back?"

He Zhiqiu blurted out, " You're stealing the concept!"

Ye Chen snorted: "Stealing concepts?

"Fine, let me ask you, among the seven of them, is one of them my kin?

"I ask you again, among the seven of them, is one of them my brother or sister?

"Is one of them my friend?

"Is one of them my kinsman?"

"Not my kinsman, not my brother, not my friend, not my countryman, not my kindred!"

If I help such a person who has nothing to do with me, it is a matter of love; if I do not help him, it is a matter of nature!

"Even if I could help them with just one word, but who am I to! What! Why! To! Help!