Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2679

 Seeing Hamid limping up the stairs, Ye Chen was somewhat curious, so he casually asked, "Brother, have you been wounded in this leg?

Hamid looked back at him and then at his left leg and said, "My left leg was severely injured in a battle, hit by debris from a bomb explosion. The leg was also irreversibly damaged, so after recovery the muscles atrophied severely and the function deteriorated so much that it became lame.

He said, "In a place like Syria, the difficulties of a crippled commander are inexplicable! 

Although a cripple is not a serious disability, Hamid is, after all, the supreme commander of an armed force, and limping a leg has a great impact on his personal image, his prestige, and all.

The biggest impact, however, was that his self-confidence suffered considerably as a result.

There was a time when Hamid was an ambitious general, eager to make his mark in the chaos of war and even to become the supreme commander of the entire opposition.

But since his leg went lame, his influence has declined considerably, and his self-confidence has been battered.

Originally, he was one of the strongest opposition groups with nearly 10,000 men, but when a few of his inner circle saw that his leg was crippled and his confidence was badly damaged, they took the opportunity to incite some of his men to go out and set up their own groups, causing his strength to plummet.

When a man has enough authority to intimidate his men, they will seem as docile as cats and as loyal as dogs.

However, once the man's own strength and health decline, his men will develop the hearts of tigers and wolves.

Those who set themselves up are already considered to be more kung-fu-minded, while those who have no decency will even take the opportunity to kill off their own bosses and take their place.

Such things are indeed commonplace in ancient and modern times.

Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin was originally a member of the Later Zhou ......

After the death of Zhou Shizong, who had just passed on the throne to his seven-year-old son, Emperor Zhou Gong, Zhao Kuangyin turned around and started the Chenqiao Mutiny, taking over his young master's reign.

History is full of similar events.

The same is true of Hamid, who was in Syria.

The economic development of the region was very poor, and the mountainous terrain was such that the troops were poorly motorised, relying mostly on their legs and mules and horses for transport, a situation that magnified Hamid's physical disability.

When the soldiers were fighting in the mountains, he was unable to go to the front to cheer them on;

When the troops began to manoeuvre across the mountains, he could not take part in them at all.

The opposition's soldiers were already from reckless backgrounds and needed their commanders to lead or integrate, but Hamid's legs were a huge disadvantage.

At this moment, Hamid, limping, walked out of the cellar, followed by Ye Chen and He Zhiqiu.

When they came out, they saw a - helicopter gunship parked in the courtyard, and all those armed men from before had already withdrawn.

The weapons and ammunition hanging underneath and on both sides of the helicopter had basically been dismantled, and the machine guns, which were the main firepower, had also been unloaded with all their ammunition.

The reason why Ye Chen had asked them to take off all the ammunition was also to ensure that Hamid would not suddenly backtrack after he arrived at the rendezvous point.

After all, the Ye family had arranged for civilian planes, and when they came to pick themselves up, they would definitely be civilian helicopters. In front of armed helicopters, civilian helicopters were just paper mache, and a casual burst of machine guns would directly turn them into sieves.

At this moment, there was a pilot standing next to the helicopter. When he saw Hamid coming out with Ye Chen and He Zhiqiu, two strangers, he immediately felt something bad and subconsciously tried to touch the pilot's gun on his waist.

Hamid immediately said, "Drop the gun, these two are my friends!"

When the pilot heard this, although he was suspicious, he did not dare to make a move and immediately dropped his gun on the ground.

Hamid commanded again, "Hurry up and start the helicopter!


The pilot hurriedly climbed into the cockpit to start the propellers, while Hamid, together with Ye Chen and He Zhiqiu, sat in the cabin.

Once inside the cabin, Ye Chen used the watch Vasily had given him to press the emergency call button.

The infrastructure in Syria itself was poor, and the war was a mess. Apart from the cities, there were almost no communication signals, so even international roaming mobile phones had no service here, and the only medium available for calls was satellite.

It was a good thing that this kind of watch, specially equipped for paratroopers, had its own satellite call function.

As soon as the call went through, Ye Chen heard Han Guangyao's voice: "Young master, is everything going well on your end?"

Ye Chen replied, "Everything is going well and ahead of schedule, you should arrange for the helicopter to arrive at the scheduled location now, I will arrive in about 15 minutes.

Han Guangyao said dumbfounded: ''Young master, how can you get there so quickly when there are dozens of kilometres of mountainous terrain?

Ye Chen laughed: ''Commander Hamid of the opposition personally arranged for a helicopter to take us there.

Han Guangyao - hearing this - instantly realised that Ye Chen must have taken control of Hamid, and his whole person had been so shocked beyond attachment that he didn't know how to reply to Ye Chen for a while.

On the side, Chen Zekai hurriedly asked him: "Mr. Han, how long will it take if we fly there now?

Only then did Han Guangyao come back to his senses and said offhandedly, "I'll have the helicopter ready now, we'll leave in five minutes, it's estimated to take about forty minutes." 'Good." Ye Chen then said, "Then I'll wait for you at the scheduled location."

Han Guangyao was busy saying," Okay Young Master, we're leaving right now!

After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen told Hamid the GPS coordinates of his destination and asked him to tell the pilot. After the pilot set the coordinates, Hamid then said to Ye Chen, "Elder brother Ye, the pilot is ready and ready to take off, everything is at your command.

Ye Chen nodded and said, " Then let the pilot take off."


Hamid immediately instructed the pilot to take off through the intercom on his head.