Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2678

 He Zhiqiu questioned, "Why should I have the right to choose not to let you take me away"


      Ye Chen pointed at Hamid and asked, "Why didn't you say that to him when they kidnapped you?"


      He Zhiqiu was dumbfounded by the question, and stammered:"


      If you really want to die here, you can come back when you return to China and Jinling, after I have handed you over to your father safely. 




      Ye Chen coldly snorted: "You don't want to you don't want to more, you don't want to go, I'm going to take you away


      After saying that, he said to Faisal, "Gag her, I don't want to hear her talk now."


      Faisal immediately picked up the hood He Zhiqiu was wearing from the ground, twisted it into a cylinder shape in his hand, and then shoved it directly into He Zhiqiu's mouth.


      She could only grunt desperately while staring at Ye Chen with tear-filled eyes.


      Ye Chen didn't look at her and waved his hand at Faisal: "Take her out."


      Faisal immediately took He Zhiqiu to the room outside.


      The seven people in the room watched He Zhiqiu being taken away, and their faces. Anger and resentment resurfaced on their faces.


      Ye Chen looked at them and said expressionlessly, "No matter how long you seven will live, I hope you will remember seven words, the righteousness of the world is the vicissitudes of the world.


      After saying that, he looked at Hamid and spoke:Commander Hamid, it will be hard for you to see us off."


      Without saying a word, Hamid immediately made a gesture of invitation and spoke, "Older brother, please do so


      Ye Chen nodded and went out of that room inside with Hamid, and then had the iron door locked again, no matter how much the seven people inside wailed, Ye Chen's heart had no pity.


      Afterwards, Hamid also kept his promise and used the intercom to issue orders to his men to unload all the ammunition from one of the helicopter gunships, then removed all the guards from the courtyard above his head, and then had his most trusted pilot fly that helicopter and land it in the courtyard again.


      After all this was done, Hamid said to Ye Chen, "Older brother, the plane is ready, let's go up now."


      Ye Chen nodded and said to Faisal and the others, "You few stay on here.


      Without hesitation, several people said, "Yes, sir.


      Ye Chen pulled He Zhiqiu, whose hands could be tied behind him, over and said to Hamid, "The three of us will go up.


      He Zhiqiu could not speak and could only keep shedding tears. Hamid took the initiative to take out his own gun and threw it on the ground and said to Ye Chen, "Older brother, I will walk in front, you have a gun in your hand and my leg is handicapped, you don't have to worry that I will escape."


      Ye Chen had a little more appreciation for Hamid's character and nodded slightly, "Thank you, old brother.