Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2676

 Ye Chen asked curiously, "How come Commander Hamid has also heard of the Ye family?"


      Hamid immediately said with a look of admiration: "I really have heard of it too I was in Yanjing when I studied at university ah, the Ye family, Su family, are the top families in China, at that time I have heard of it.


      After saying that, Hamid asked complimentingly: ''Older brother, I wonder if my guess is right


      Ye Chen didn't hide, nodding his head and saying: ''That's right, I'm from the Ye family.


      When these words came out, almost all the other seven people were stunned.


      They were all high achievers in the field of finance and had a deep understanding of the economic conditions of various countries, so they naturally knew the strength of these few mega-rich families in China.


      As soon as they heard that Ye Chen was a descendant of the Ye family, they immediately understood why Ye Chen was able to arrive in Syria in such a short period of time on a Concorde.


      This is what the Ye family is capable of


      It was just a pity that they, a group of so-called high achievers, could also be blinded by a leaf and not see the mountain


      The Hamid at the side immediately gave a thumbs up and said offhandedly: ''I didn't expect that old brother was really a Ye family member, being a Ye family member and still being able to break in here alone, it's really admirable, admirable!


      Ye Chen smiled faintly: ''Commander Hamid is too polite.


      Hamid couldn't help but say excitedly: ''I really didn't expect to meet the descendants of the Ye family today, it's really fate


      After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen and said from the bottom of his heart: ''Older brother, there is an old Chinese saying that we don't fight, we don't get to know each other, which is apt when applied to you and I. If you don't mind, from now on, you and I are friends.


      Ye Chen nodded his head and said seriously, "Since old brother said so, then we are friends from now on"


      Hamid laughed and said: "Brother, I know you came all the way here to save this lady, so I think she must be very important to you, so I won't waste time with you here.


      Ye Chen saw that he was really sincere, so he said without hesitation: "No problem, if you come to China in the future, you can contact me at once, and I will treat you well.


      As he was saying that, the Chinese boy cried, "Young Master Ye, you are a billionaire, please don't be so mean to us ordinary people, it's not easy for my family to bring me up today, please give me a chance and save my life, I kowtow to you."


      He said, ignoring the fact that his hands were still tied behind him, he desperately struggled to kneel down and kowtow.


      Ye Chen said with an indifferent expression at this moment: "All right, no need to act here, no matter what you say, I will not take you away.


      After saying this, he looked towards He Zhiqiu and said indifferently, "Miss He, let's go."


      When the Chinese boy heard this, he looked at He Zhiqiu with a grimace and yelled out, "He Zhiqiu I came here for your fucking sake can you bear to leave me here alone and run for my life? Do you have any semblance of humanity left?"


      The other two girls also choked up and said, "Zhiqiu, we are all good friends, how can you leave us here?


      The Indian boy also cried, "Zhiqiu, I don't want to die, my parents have saved their whole life to pay for my education, I can't just die in this place without a word!


      He Zhiqiu's eyes burst into tears, looking at Ye Chen with incomparable pity, her beautiful eyes filled with pleading.


      At this time, Ye Chen said in a cold voice, "Don't worry, the marines will come to save you."


      After saying that, he looked at He Zhiqiu and reminded in a loud voice, "It's time to go Miss He"