Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2675

 Seeing Hamid's stifled look, Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh: ''Since Commander Hamid has spoken, then I will say those three words together from now on.


      Hamid clasped his fist at Ye Chen, then pointed at the eight people across the table and said with a generous face: ''Older brother, feel free to pick


      After saying that, he was afraid that Ye Chen was still unwilling to use the slope to get down, so he gritted his teeth and said: "This way, I will give up one more step, you pick five


      The seven people's desire for survival was instantly heightened


      Ye Chen looked at Hamid, smiled faintly and praised him, "Commander Hamid is indeed very generous, just from this, you can see that you should be a man of honor and keep your promises."


      Hamid nodded his head and said seriously, "I am a man of honor, whether I am doing business and trade or leading troops to war, I will keep my promises, and when I say I will let you take five, I will never be ambiguous!


      Ye Chen waved his hand at this time: "I am also a person who is most concerned about the morality of the jianghu, and I have always believed in the rule that if you respect me a foot, I will respect you a foot.


      The other seven cried out at the sound of these words.


      The young man of Chinese descent cried out, "Mr. Ye, we are all compatriots, you can't set me up in an unkind and unjust way!


      The Indian and other young men were also in tears, begging and pleading for mercy.


      He Zhiqiu could not stand it and begged: "Mr. Ye, they are really frogs in the well, they are not aware of the mountains, so I hope you will not treat them in a normal way.


      Ye Chen said indifferently, "He Zhiqiu, this is not the way things are done, I came to save you because I gave face to your father, you asked me to save them, who did you ask me to give face to?"


      He Zhiqiu was ashamed, but for the sake of his friend's life, he gritted his teeth and said, "Mr. Ye, please give me face, I know this request is very abrupt and inappropriate, and it is very selfish, but please save them for my sake.


      Ye Chen shook his head and firmly refused, "I don't give you face because from the beginning to the end, this group of American friends have never given me face.


      After saying that, he looked at Hamid, pointed at He Zhiqiu, and said seriously, "I will only take her alone."


      In that case, I'll tell my men that you two can leave at will and no one can stop you."


      After saying that, Hamid dodged to the side to make way for the door and said, "Older brother, please do."


      Ye Chen waved his hand: "No, I'm not being petty, this is your territory after all, I have to be more cautious, you arrange a helicopter to park directly in the courtyard, the helicopter must not carry any ammunition, in addition to let everyone except the pilot to withdraw, then you personally accompany the two of us, when the people who pick me up arrive, I will let you leave, what do you think? "


      Hamid looked puzzled and said, "What if you change your mind when we get there? What if you want to kidnap me? What if the government offers millions of dollars for my head?


      "I flew a few hundred million dollars on a Concorde, tossed all the way from China to this shithole of yours in a few hours, and would do it for a few million dollars on your head? A reward for your money


      Hamid swallowed hard and blurted out, "Concorde. Old you're a Chinese Ye"