Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2673



      When Hamid heard this, his heart turned half cold.


      After all, he had been leading the army for many years, and his judgment of the strategic situation was very precise.


      At this moment, he had realised that he and Ye Chen each held half of the initiative.


      "Within this cellar, the initiative is all in the hands of this Chinese man, because he has a gun pointed at me and has bribed my men, he can finish me off in this room at any time


      "However, I am not completely passive, after all, even if he is powerful, he cannot bribe a couple of thousand people from the whole base."


      "Because, if he was really capable of that, he would have just overthrown me a long time ago, so why would he bother going to such great lengths to sneak into this cellar


      Thinking of this, he immediately said to Ye Chen:Friend, both of us should not be too impulsive, we can talk and chat properly about anything, after all, I have also been studying in China for many years, and it is very kind to see you"


      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "It's simple even if you want to talk, I just have one request, you let me take the person away and I won't make it difficult for you, otherwise, then I will finish you off first."


      Saying that, Ye Chen made sure to say seriously, "After taking you out, as long as I run faster, your men may not be able to react, after all, when I came in, your men didn't find me, and I believe that when I leave, it's unlikely that they will find out either.


      As soon as Ye Chen said this, Hamid, who was on the opposite side, immediately became nervous.


      He was not a fool either.


      His own base, which was defended by one or two thousand people, could still allow a Chinese to sneak in silently, thus showing that his defence was nothing in front of the other party.


      At this time, Ye Chen continued: "By the time they find your corpse lying in this cellar, I will probably have already left Syria, and you will have to lie down stiffly to receive the funeral prepared for you by one or two thousand of your men, you have such a high status in the military, I am sure your funeral will be grand by then


      Hamid's face immediately turned green.


      He quickly understood in his heart that he and Ye Chen, were not as 50/50 as he had thought.


      Ye Chen was able to make the first move.


      If Ye Chen killed himself first, he would be the first to lose.


      If he really pissed him off, he could kill himself with a first strike and then escape without any problems, then wouldn't he be at a big loss?


      Thinking of this, Hamid's expression became depressed all of a sudden.


      Naturally, he was reluctant to let them go.


      After all, he was still waiting to use the hostages to extort a sum of money from the US Embassy.


      He was waiting to make a fortune to stabilise his troops, and if he had any extra money left over, he could buy some new weapons from the arms dealers to improve his troops' fighting ability.


      Even if he doesn't make any money, he has this team, so he won't have to worry about making a fortune in the future, and if the opposition wins, he can even become a senior official.


      Therefore, for him, the most important thing is to live, to live in peace and security.