Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2670

 The Chinese boy shook his head while saying: "Zhiqiu, I know you're a girl who must be afraid of death, but you have to believe that in this world, no one dares to kill an American citizen at will We will definitely be saved in the end


      Ye Chen who we will be rescued will eventually be rescued by him. Amused, I couldn’t help but ask him: My buddy, I’ll say something that’s not blatant and objective. There are various shootings in the United States all day long, and many, even dozens of innocent civilians are killed at every turn. , You still said that no one would dare to kill an American citizen at will, don’t you feel contradictory.


      The Chinese-American boy retorted with a red face and a thick neck: "All those situations you mentioned happened on home soil not overseas How can what happened on home soil be counted"


      Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Do you mean to say that what happens in the country is an internal conflict within the people?"


      "That's right" the Chinese boy immediately agreed: "It's an internal conflict within the people


      Ye Chen nodded, looked at He Zhiqiu and said, "In my opinion, if your father knew that you were hanging out with these idiots all day long, he wouldn't know how sad he would be."


      He Zhiqiu's expression was incomparably embarrassed.


      She also felt that these friends of hers, who were usually smarter than one another, were all schoolmasters and human beings, but now for some reason, they all seemed very anti-intellectual.


      Ye Chen wasn't sure if He Zhiqiu really believed in his identity, so he took out his phone and opened the dialog box between him and He Zhiqiu from WeChat, then turned the screen towards her, pulled up the chat history, and said, "This kind of chat history is definitely impossible to fake, so you believe in my identity, right?"


      He Zhiqiu said almost without hesitation, "I do!


      When the other few people saw this scene, they were so shocked that they couldn't speak


      Here they were, you and I attacking Ye Chen for half a day, wasting so many words, just to prove that Ye Chen was a fake.


      For this reason they had brought out all sorts of arguments and packaged their points, from the inside out, in a seamless manner.


      But now, with just a mobile phone, Ye Chen had completely overturned all the judgments made by this group of self-righteous high achievers, leaving these seven people with their jaws dropped for a moment.


      The boy of Indian descent couldn't help but exclaim, "This is impossible. Even if you really are that Chairman Ye, you couldn't have arrived in Syria from eastern China in such a short period of time


      "Yes" the Chinese boy also spoke up: "This is not logical even the fastest civilian airliner could not do it


      Ye Chen sneered and asked: "You two are the most capable, let me ask you, what is the fastest civilian airliner you know of?


      The Chinese boy said with an arrogant look on his face: "Of course I know, I have studied a lot about flying machines, and the fastest civilian airliner at present is the Gulfstream G650. It's impossible for the wealthy to afford it.


      Ye Chen applauded: "You are really a good fucking student, it seems that your recitation of texts must be very good, I used to see all kinds of keyboard car gods on the internet who don't even have a driving licence, but I didn't expect to meet another keyboard machine god now."


      The Chinese kid said in exasperation: "Don't you sneer here even if you really came in a Gulfstream g650, you couldn't have arrived in Syria in such a short time so you must be hiding some unspeakable secret


      Ye Chen smiled: "Sorry, I really didn't come in any g650.


      Speaking of this, Ye Chen put away his smile and said blandly: "I came on a Concorde."