Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2669

 When Ye Chen said his name, He Zhiqiu was instantly struck by lightning and was only left with a face full of shock.


      She had not met Ye Chen in person, but had only had a voice chat on WeChat once. As she had not chatted many times and the content was not much, she did not have a deep impression of Ye Chen's voice, so she had never connected the man in front of her with the Ye Chen on WeChat.


      But now, after hearing him say his name, He Zhiqiu immediately matched the two people together


      At this moment, she excitedly asked, "Mr. Ye, how come you are here?"


      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said with a helpless sigh, "I told you a long time ago that this place was not safe, right?


      When He Zhiqiu heard this, she couldn't stop her tears at that moment.


      The Indian boy beside her said subconsciously, "Zhiqiu, don't fall for his tricks, this guy is not a good person."


      The Chinese-American boy also took over and said in agreement, "Yes Zhiqiu, don't believe him, you have to be convinced that the White House will get us out.


      I believe that if we hold on, when we are rescued, we will be heroes in the eyes of the media who have sworn to die in front of the opposition forces, and then when we return to the United States, we will definitely become heroes in the limelight. If you are now cheated and turned by him, then not only will you not be a hero, but you may even become a street rat that everyone will shout at!


      Ye Chen saw that this guy's brain circuit was incomprehensible, so he sneered and asked him, "Buddy, you must have been born and raised in America since you were a kid."


      The Chinese-American boy nodded his head gently.


      With a smile on his face, Ye Chen said, "No wonder


      The man hurriedly asked after him, "Weird what?


      Ye Chen laughed, "No wonder you are so talented, we really can't cultivate talents like you in our native China.


      Seeing that everyone was still questioning Ye Chen's identity, He Zhiqiu hurriedly said, "You all misunderstood, Mr. Ye is definitely not a member of the opposition, he is what I told you before I left, the chairman of China's Empire Group, Mr. Ye Chen Ye


      "How is that possible" the other seven retorted almost simultaneously


      One of the American girls said, "Zhiqiu, you must be out of your mind, think about it, how can a big boss with over a hundred billion dollars be so young"


      She didn't wait for He Zhiqiu's answer and added, "It's just as well to be so young, but have you ever thought about how a big boss worth over 100 billion dollars could come to Syria to do such a thing?"


      "Besides, Soneji has just analysed it for you, if he really is the big boss, how could he have arrived here from China in such a short time? You think he is Iron Man?"


      The Chinese boy said, "That's right Zhiqiu, think about it carefully, you've never even met Mr. Ye, so how can you tell that this guy in front of you is him?


      He Zhiqiu shook his head and said firmly, "I can be sure that he is Mr. Ye. Just now I didn't match his real voice with his voice in the voice chat, but now I can be sure that they are both the same person."


      Everyone else thought He Zhiqiu must be crazy.