Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2668

 The Indian boy from earlier looked at He Zhiqiu and said loudly, "Zhiqiu, you must be careful of this man, I seriously suspect that this man is a member of the opposition! Otherwise, even if he had great skills, he couldn't have arrived here in such a short time, and don't you forget, there are still a couple of thousand opposition soldiers guarding this place, if he wasn't part of them, there's no way he could have got in alive! Look at him, wearing opposition clothing and holding opposition weapons, this man must be a part of the opposition!

Then he stared at Ye Chen and said in a cold voice: "This guy is here to act with you and slander our motherland, I wonder what his intentions are! Maybe it's because the opposition knows that you're an American of Chinese descent, so they found him from the team to set up a trap with you. You must not trust him!

Ye Chen was so angry at this stupid bird that he wanted to laugh, and asked him back: "Since you are so adamant that I am part of the opposition, then you are pretending so much in front of me, aren't you afraid that I will use the AK47 in my hand to raid you?" 精英小说网最快章节更新

The Indian-origin boy was obviously a little nervous, but still put on a tough face and said, "I don't believe you dare to lay a hand on me! You opposition took so much trouble to take us prisoner ......

I don't believe you'd dare to kill me! If you kill me, how else can you negotiate with our country? And if our motherland takes revenge on you, it will be the end of you! At that time, just a few missile shots will level this place to the ground!

Ye Chen sneered: "These eight of you, one by one, are just schoolboys with better academic results. In terms of background, can any of you have parents who can become state legislators in the United States?"

"No money, no power, and you're licking your chops waiting for a Navy SEAL to save you? I don't mean to look down on you, but a small to medium sized conventional missile costs millions of dollars and a surface to surface missile starts at tens of millions of dollars, do you deserve to be avenged with such an expensive weapon?"

The Indian-origin boy's expression was very ugly, he wanted to say something but could not find the words to retort at once.

At this moment, another Chinese boy said, "Don't be so sarcastic. As we all know, the United States of America has always placed the utmost importance on the safety of its citizens. I know your tricks, as long as the United States ......

people scold America, you guys get so excited that you can't sleep and hate to send the video to the whole world!

Ye Chen put away his teasing smile just now, looked at this young man with a Chinese face and asked seriously, "Let me ask you, are you an American or a Chinese?"

"Of course I am an American!" The boy said offhandedly without hesitation, "My passport was taken away by you, if you go and look at my passport now, you can see very clearly that I am a citizen of the United States of America!

Ye Chen nodded, deep inside he was already disappointed with this group of people, especially this boy of Chinese descent, although what he said could not be considered wrong, but it made Ye Chen feel very uncomfortable.

So, he turned light and cold and said, "Good, in that case, then you should also wait for your country to come to your rescue."

After saying that, he looked at He Zhiqiu again and said seriously, "Miss He, I don't want to ask you the same question again, I was entrusted by your father to come and rescue you, so no matter which country you consider yourself to be, as long as you are willing to come with me, I will rescue you and bring you back to China."

"But! If you really don't want to come with me, I, Ye Chen, will never do anything to force others, so please record a video for me and say that you don't want to go, I will bring the video back to your father, even if it is to give your father an explanation