Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2667

 When he heard Ye Chen's question, the boy dismissed it out of hand, "First of all! I don't believe that you came from China at all! Because that's simply unrealistic!

After saying that, he looked at the crowd and said very seriously, "Everyone has studied world geography and also studied the geography of China, so they must all know the distance from China to here!"

"If you fly from the central part of China, the straight line distance is at least six thousand kilometres, right?"

"If you fly over from the western part of China, the straight-line distance won't be less than five thousand kilometres.

Ye Chen gave a thumbs up and laughed, "You're really fucking smart! You know everything!"

After saying that, Ye Chen turned his words around and said playfully, "But you guessed wrong big smart, I didn't come from Central China or West China, I came from East China."

"Huadong?!" The Indian-origin boy whom Ye Chen called Big Smart said disdainfully, "East China is even less likely! How did you fly here in such a short period of time? A rocket ride?"

He added with a sneer, "And, as everyone ......

If you want to travel from China to Syria, you must first fly to the neighboring countries, and then transfer to land transport to come in. You have the power of foresight? So, if you ask me, you are simply lying!

Ye Chen shook his head helplessly, looked at He Zhiqiu and asked: ''Has this guy always been this two-faced?

He Zhiqiu's expression was a little embarrassed for a moment, and at the same time a little hesitant.

In fact, she wasn't quite sure of Ye Chen's identity, and she also didn't quite dare to believe what Ye Chen said.

Moreover, hearing Ye Chen's voice face to face was more or less not the same as what she had heard with Ye Chen in the WeChat exchange and through her mobile phone.

In addition, Ye Chen did not identify himself, so she was a little bit confused at once.

After all, the speculation made by the Indian-origin boy just now was not unreasonable, and Ye Chen's statement, whether in terms of time_or ......

or spatially, more or less defied logic.

At this point, that Indian-origin big smart continued: "For your information, our Navy Seals always strive for 100% success whenever they go on a mission, so they will definitely make a well thought out rescue plan before they conduct a scalpel rescue operation! I'm sure they'll have us out in no time at all!

Ye Chen sneered, "Come on, stop fucking around, you're the only one with a long mouth who can bullshit, right?"

'I'll tell you the truth, the news of your gang's capture was not even reported by the European and American media!

"Do you know what it means when it's not reported? It means your fellow Americans don't even know you've been captured!

"So your army won't bother to send troops to rescue you, not to mention sending troops to rescue you in such a big way, the opposition has refused to ask your embassy for $80 million ransom, and you expect them to send troops to rescue you? Do you think your father is Warren Buffet or Bill Gates?

"I don't believe you!" Several young Americans retorted in unison, "You must be spreading