Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2666

 Ye Chen smiled faintly: ''Miss He, you have too many questions, but I can tell you clearly that I am not an armed opposition, I received your father's commission a few hours ago, so I hurriedly came here from China.

At this point, a yellow male spoke with a shocked face:" This how is this possible it's only been just over half a day since we were captured, in such a short time you couldn't have rushed over from China at all!

Ye Chen laughed:" What you think is impossible, may not really be impossible."

After saying that, he looked at He Zhiqiu and said indifferently, "Time is short, - I will prepare a pair of opposition clothes for you, so you can put them on and come with me."

He Zhiqiu asked him out of the blue, "What about my friends?"

Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't have a particularly good way to get all eight of you out yet, so you come with me first, I'll get you to a safe place first, and I can consider coming back to save the others if conditions allow.

At this point, a blonde man blurted out in less than skilful Chinese: "I think you're a credulous liar! There are a couple of thousand oppositionists stationed here, what way do you have to get us out?

Ye Chen nodded and said: ''You said ......

is right, I have no way to save you, so just stay honestly.

When the blond man heard this, he coldly snorted and angrily rebuked: ''I don't need you to save me either! There are so many people outside, if I go out with you, I will be shot by machine guns! I'd rather stay and wait for my country to save me! Maybe my country will agree to the opposition's demands or just send in the Navy Seals to rescue us!

' That's it!" Another blonde girl said in Chinese: "Our US Navy SEALs, the top special forces in this world, are always on the most difficult missions around the world, including killing terrorist leaders around the world, I am sure they will come to save us!

The most important thing is that the US will definitely send the Navy Seals to save you. Who gave you that confidence?"

A dark-skinned American boy next to him said without hesitation, "We in the US have always been strong and will not allow any foreign armed to harm our own|citizens!

"And don't you forget that we in the US have a large number of military bases around the world, several in the Middle East alone!"

"Turkey, Syria's neighbour to the north, has several of our military bases;"

"South of Syria ......

Saudi Arabia in the south, also has our military bases!

"So, our motherland will probably send in Navy Seals from these two countries, to rescue us!

When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn't help but exclaim: "I find that one of you is quite powerful, ah, speak Chinese so smoothly, specifically studied is it?"

Another Indian-American boy said with a proud face, "To tell you the truth, we are all top students in the United States, each of us has several master's and doctoral degrees, each of us is fluent in several languages, what's the point of knowing Chinese? Japanese, French, German, it's not a big deal!"

Ye Chen couldn't help but give him a thumbs up and asked him with a smile:

"You're really something.

After saying that, he suddenly turned his words around and sighed: "Aiya, I really don't understand how a person with no brain like you can learn so many languages? Is it possible that people with a lack of heart have a talent for learning languages?"

The man shouted, "What did you say? ?

Ye Chen sneered, "You said you have military bases in several surrounding countries, so why have I travelled all the way from China to here, but your Navy Seals are so close, yet there is no sign of them yet?