Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2661

 Ye Chen walked through the central square with Faisal, and the roar of the diesel generators grew more and more deafening in his ears.


      With such a loud mechanical noise, it was a bit difficult for the average person to talk to each other, so much so that many other sounds around them were muffled. This was a good thing for Ye Chen, even if something unexpected happened later during the rescue and pursuit, it would be difficult for someone to shout out and be noticed by the people outside.


      So Ye Chen asked Faisal, who was beside him, "The diesel generator set you have here, how long does it normally work"


      Faisal hastily said respectfully, "As the government army has cut off our electricity supply here, we rely on a fifty kilowatt diesel generator set to supply all our electricity, and with it, there is also a set of electricity storage equipment."


      As the overall electricity consumption is low during the day, we generally leave the generators on during the day and use the storage equipment to ensure that the necessary equipment runs properly during the day and only switch on the generator set after dark, mainly as a means of supplying lighting, other electricity-using equipment and additionally charging the storage equipment.


      "It's on early today, mainly because the light is too poor on rainy days as well."


      Ye Chen asked curiously, "You've got the place all lit up at night, aren't you afraid that the government forces will send planes to bomb it?


      Faisal explained: "In Syria, whether it's the government forces, the opposition or the Kurdish forces, all 90 wars are ground wars, the planes in the hands of the government forces have long been shot down, and the few old warplanes left are guarding Damascus and the southern province of Daraa, so they don't dare to send them out to fight. If they send planes to attack indiscriminately, it will definitely stir up public anger, and then it will be more beneficial to our opposition instead."


      Ye Chen nodded gently.


      In his understanding of war, it was a modern war based on the Gulf War.


      The core of modern warfare was all about air power, supplemented by land and sea forces.


      Just like when the United States fought Iraq, there was no need for the two armies to engage in a short battle, first using fighter planes to fight in the air and seize air power, then using bombers with precision-guided bombs to destroy the enemy's key defense forces and military industries, and after the other side was completely paralyzed, a large number of ground troops would go in and be able to drive in and directly occupy.


      However, it seems that in a place like Syria, the way of war is basically similar to the Second World War, where the two armies mainly rely on ground troops to kill each other head-on, and the air force can play a very small role.


      Ye Chen remembered that Faisal was the leader of the armoured brigade, so he asked him, "Faisal, since the war here90 is all ground warfare, your armoured brigade must have an extraordinary status and position, right?"


      Faisal nodded and said truthfully: "Our two most important forces are the armor brigade and the flight brigade, but the flight brigade only has four helicopter gunships, so the main combat power is still dependent on my armor brigade.


      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Faisal, since you are the leader of the armoured brigade, you should be at the top of the ranking of this army.


      The reason why I can be the captain is because I know more about tanks, so I act more as an instructor and don't have much real power.


      Ye Chen nodded gently, since the armoured brigade was the most core combat force here, it made sense for it to be directly under the command and transfer of the commander.


      Under Faisal's leadership, Ye Chen and him arrived outside a yellow mounded courtyard wall, at this time, the courtyard was full of people, and communication between people was basically by shouting.


      Some spoke English, some spoke French, and some spoke a language he didn't understand at all, which was probably Arabic.


      Ye Chen asked Faisal: "Don't you have a common language here?


      Faisal shook his head: "The unified language should be Arabic, but the composition of our opposition soldiers is rather complicated, so there are many of us who do not speak Arabic."