Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2660

 Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed helplessly and said: ''Since your mental quality is so poor, then I'll give you a mental implication.


      After saying that, he immediately gently clicked on the other party's head and spoke: ''From now on, your only task is to do whatever I instruct you to do with all your might, do you understand?''


      This moment, the other person's entire eyes instantly a little dull, after more than ten seconds to return to normal, respectfully said to Ye Chen: "Listen to understand


      The person at this time, has completely no longer just panic, speech is no longer stuttering, legs also no longer shaking.


      Only then did Ye Chen put his mind at ease, pointed at the man lying on the ground and spoke, "Take his trousers off and put him in place, just make sure he won't be found tonight."




      The other party answered and immediately went forward to take off the man's trousers, then carried his entire body and hid him in a small abandoned courtyard's dilapidated house nearby.


      Ye Chen put the man's clothes and trousers straight on, and the man he had made a mental note to came running back and said respectfully: "Arrangements have been made as you ordered


      Ye Chen nodded and asked him, "What is your name?


      The man said, "My name is Faisal."


      Ye Chen asked him, "Faisal, do you have a mask on you?


      Faisal hurriedly took out a black mask in a plastic bag from his pocket and said, "This was just issued two days ago and I haven't used it yet.


      Ye Chen nodded, took it and opened it. It was the kind of hood that completely covered the head, not only wrapping the head, but also covering most of the face, with only a slit at the eye level.


      Ye Chen asked Faisal: "If I wear this, will I look a bit too different"


      He said with certainty, "In fact, many people are already used to wearing hoods, on the one hand to prevent their faces from being remembered by outsiders, and on the other hand to protect them from the wind and sand, in addition to this there is another reason, because the commander is afraid of the other side launching a decapitation operation, so he requires some people to wear hoods whenever they go out, and he himself is the same, so that this can effectively interfere with the other side's judgment .


      Only then did Ye Chen put his heart down, and after putting the hood over his head, he spoke: ''Alright, you can take me there now


      Faisal nodded without hesitation, then bent down and picked up the two AK47s, and handed one of them to Ye Chen, saying: ''Please put the gun on your back


      Ye Chen was not worried that he would resist with the gun, so he took the AK47 himself and hung it on his body in a decent manner, then walked with Faisal towards the centre of the village.


      Along the way, they met many soldiers who happened to pass by or patrol the village, and some recognised Faisal and greeted him.


      As for Ye Chen, who was wearing a hood, he didn't say a word and no one took the initiative to greet him, because when a person wears a hood, only those who know him well can recognise who he is.


      In fact, this was instead the safest, because their troop seemed to be one or two thousand strong, and none of them could really be very familiar with each and every one of them, so if they could not recognise Ye Chen, they would only classify him into the group of comrades they were unfamiliar with, without the slightest suspicion that Ye Chen could be an alien intruder.


      When he arrived at the square in the centre of the village, Ye Chen found that many soldiers were busy in front of the four helicopters, so Ye Chen asked Faisal in a low voice: "What are those people doing?"


      Faisal hurriedly replied, "They are all from the helicopter brigade, most of them are maintenance personnel, today's overcast weather and poor visibility will limit our visual observation a lot, so we will take turns to send helicopters up to patrol the area later to monitor if any government troops are quietly approaching us nearby."


      Ye Chen nodded and remembered something, so he asked him, "By the way, do you know how to fly a helicopter?"


      Faisal shook his head, "I can't I'm in the armoured brigade and can drive tanks and infantry vehicles.


      Ye Chen nodded his head, he did not have a clear plan on how to escape with He Zhiqiu after saving her.


      If he were to save He Zhiqiu alone, it would be fine, even if he carried her out quietly and walked several dozen kilometres to meet up with Chen Zekai and the others.


      However, if he had to save He Zhiqiu and her seven other friends, it would be very difficult for him to do so on his own.


      Thinking about this, he put the question to the back of his mind and thought, "Now is not the time to think about this, let's see the people first."