Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2659

 After hearing Ye Chen's words, the man hurriedly blurted out a plea: "Friend, friend, I really didn't mean it.


      Ye Chen shook his head: "Sorry, there is only one chance. If you have an afterlife, remember never to betray someone who considers you a friend.


      The man was so frightened that his face turned pale, and he opened his mouth to cry out for help in order to take one last shot.


      At this point, he saw it as his last chance.


      If he could attract the others' attention, there was a chance that he would survive.


      Even if he didn't survive, he could at least cause some trouble for the orientalist in front of him.


      If his whereabouts were revealed, the chances were that he would not be able to leave here alive either.


      So, he immediately said, "Help!


      However, when he opened his mouth to shout for help, he was shocked to find that the volume of his voice seemed to be limited by some strange power, so that his cry for help was almost inaudible.


      He looked at Ye Chen in horror and asked, trembling, "Are you a human being or not?


      Ye Chen smiled blandly and said, "This question is no longer important to you, because you will soon become a lonely ghost"


      After saying that, Ye Chen hurriedly changed his words and said, "Don't mean it, it's a mistake, I'm not going to let you become a lonely ghost, it's better to let you become a living dead person


      After he said that, he stretched out his finger and lightly touched his forehead, he lost all consciousness and fell to the ground at once, his eyes wide and dead.


      Just now, when Ye Chen lightly touched his forehead, a trace of aura completely destroyed his brain, causing him to be brain dead in an instant.


      At this time, the man who had been strangled by Ye Chen was so frightened that he was about to faint.


      He had never seen a godly man like Ye Chen in his life, who was so powerful that it was unbelievable.


      A single word could make his companion immobile, a slight point made his companion die instantly and violently, this kind of person was simply more terrifying than the devil


      Seeing that he was scared out of his wits, Ye Chen spoke, "You don't need to be so scared, as long as you can honestly cooperate with me, then I will leave you alive, I'll do what I say."


      The man panicked to the extreme and said, "I I will


      I will. I will be honest.


      I will cooperate with you honestly.


      Ye Chen saw that he was stuttering badly, and when he looked down at his legs, he found that his legs were wobbling violently, and he was clearly scared out of his wits.


      This made him feel a bit headstrong.


      Because, if this guy kept panicking like this, then even if he could take himself to the place where He Zhiqiu was being held, he would still be seen to be broken.