Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2657

The two opposition soldiers, deep down, were completely undefended when they talked earlier.

After all, this was their base, and not only were they surrounded by their own heavy troops, but even the ordinary people here were their supporters.

So, in their subconscious, as long as there is no fighting on the outside, they are absolutely safe inside.

But in this "absolutely safe" environment, a man from an unknown source suddenly appeared!

This immediately made the two of them feel extremely nervous.

This meant that if they wanted to use their guns against the enemy behind them, they had to load them and turn on the safety before they could pull the trigger.

However, this process would have taken a few seconds at the earliest.

The other man's hand around their necks was surprisingly strong, like a hydraulic clamp at the same time, making both of them firmly convinced that if the other man had any displeasure, it would most likely just snap both of their necks!

So, both of them very cooperatively dropped the guns in their hands to the ground, and then raised their hands.

One of them said nervously: "This friend, have a good talk, don't rush ......

Action ah!

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: "You two turn around.

The strength of the two people's necks in his hands was slightly loosened after Ye Chen finished speaking.

The two people did not dare to delay and hurriedly turned around, and when they saw Ye Chen, it was as if they had seen a ghost.

They had originally thought that this sudden appearance of this bogeyman must be an American.

The reason why they thought so was because there were two reasons.

The first reason was that they had captured eight young men from the United States in this battle with the government forces, and they had used these eight men as hostages to demand a huge ransom from the United States, so it made sense for the United States to send someone to rescue them.

The second reason was that they also knew that the combat power of the government troops was really not that bad compared to theirs, and if they were government soldiers, there was no way they could infiltrate them silently, only Schwarzenegger and Stallone in American blockbusters could do that.

But what they had never dreamed of was that the bogeyman in front of them was a yellow man with an East Asian face.

One of them asked nervously, "Who the hell are you, my friend? What do you want? !"

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: "You still ......

You are not qualified to ask me questions, as things stand now, it can only be me asking and you answering, and you have to answer honestly, whoever answers badly, I will finish him off, got it?

The two men hurriedly nodded their heads: "Understood, understood! If you have any questions, just ask!

Ye Chen asked: 'Where are the young Americans you captured now being held?"

One of them said, "Those eight people are being held in the cellar of Ansara's house!

The other hurriedly added: "Ansara's house, which is in the middle of the village, near the square!"

Ye Chen asked again, "What is the condition of the eight of them now? Are they all still alive?"

One man nodded and said offhandedly, "They are all alive now, but soon one will have to be chosen for execution first, the US Embassy is not willing to pay even now, our commander has decided to execute one person first to put a little pressure on the US Embassy.

Ye Chen continued: " How many entrances and exits are there in the cellar and how many people are guarding it?

The man said, " There is only one entrance and exit to the cellar, four men are guarding the inside and almost a dozen outside, these guards usually live in Ansara's house."

Ye Chen asked him, "So if I want to go in, do you have any way to bring me in?