Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2654

 At this moment, Ye Chen was descending extremely fast, descending more than fifty metres a second.


      Vasily on the plane stared at the data coming back from the computer and said with a pale face, "Young Master Ye's descent speed is too fast and his remaining altitude to the ground is less than 300 meters, which is already far below the minimum limit for safe opening of the parachute, I'm afraid it's going to be fatal.


      When Han Guangyao heard this, his body trembled with fear and he said, "Quickly let the young master open his parachute."


      Vassili came back to his senses and shouted, "Young master Ye, open the umbrella quickly, open the umbrella!


      As he spoke, Ye Chen had already swept over the top of the mountain at great speed and was falling towards the halfway point.


      He didn't rush to open his umbrella because he knew that when he didn't open his umbrella, the target was very small and hard to see clearly with the naked eye.


      But once he opened his parachute, he would suddenly release a huge parachute, which would then magnify the target by a factor of ten or even dozens at once.


      So he had to make sure that the time it took to open the chute was as short as possible.


      This meant that he wanted to be able to open his parachute at the lowest possible altitude, then use the fastest possible time to reduce his fall speed to a height that was safe enough for him, then hurry to complete his landing and put his parachute away immediately after landing, so as to avoid detection to the greatest extent possible.


      Seeing that there were only two hundred metres left to the ground, Vasily realised that Ye Chen was still descending rapidly and realised that he hadn't opened his parachute yet, so he couldn't help but say: "It's over.


      Han Guangyao's liver trembled at his words.


      He had already prepared to inform the old man to prepare the ransom and save Ye Chen, but he never thought that Ye Chen would fall to his death from the parachute jump.


      If he were to die in the fall, he would be blamed for it.


      Just as the two of them were panicking, Ye Chen suddenly opened his parachute.


      The huge parachute was released from the bag at once, causing Ye Chen's rapidly falling body to be suddenly pulled back with a strong force.


      At such a fast speed suddenly opening the parachute to slow down, an ordinary person would at least break a few ribs, if not faint, due to the huge inertia.


      However, Ye Chen filled his entire body's bones with his spiritual qi, and his shoulders were fiercely pushed, hard enough to carry this huge reaction force.


      Immediately afterwards, his descent speed decreased from over fifty metres per second to around twenty metres per second in a very short period of time.


      However, this speed was far from being a safe speed for parachuting.


      For a normal person to parachute, the speed of descent when landing would be less than six metres per second.


      But at this moment, Ye Chen was still less than fifty metres from the ground.


      If he fell at this speed, it was almost the same as falling.


      However, the good thing was that in the remaining fifty metres, the speed of descent was still decreasing due to the effect of the parachute.


      Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen gathered all his true qi into his legs again, and his whole body slammed heavily into the ground at a speed of more than ten metres per second.


      Vasily on the plane no longer dared to look at the data coming back from the computer, because he knew very well that after a second or two, Ye Chen's heart rate would drop rapidly until it dropped to zero.


      However, he had never dreamed that when Ye Chen had completely stopped his descent, his heart rate was only about ten times faster per second than it had been a moment ago.


      With an incredulous look on his face, he asked offhandedly, "Young Master Ye, are you still alive?


      At this moment, Ye Chen had already started to quickly collect his parachute, and while stuffing it all into his parachute bag, he said indifferently: "Don't worry, I've landed safely!