Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2652

 This is a good thing for Ye Chen, because if it was a cloudless day, then the chances of him trying to parachute in during the day would be almost nil.


      That was why he was so sure that he would be able to parachute in closer to the other side's base.


      When Vasily counted to the last three, Ye Chen took a step and came directly to the edge of the hatch, Vasily became increasingly nervous and shouted, "3, 2, 1, jump"


      Ye Chen turned his head back and said to the others, "Gentlemen, see you in six hours!


      After saying that, he leapt towards the hatch without hesitation, and jumped head first into the thick cloud layer.


      As soon as Ye Chen jumped out of the cabin, he felt as if he was in an ice cellar.


      At an altitude of more than 5,000 metres, the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius lower than the ground surface, and the ground temperature was about 15 degrees Celsius above zero, so the temperature around Ye Chen was about 15 degrees below zero.


      But this was nothing to him, as he was focused on keeping his body stable and not losing control of it in the rapid descent.


      As he was in a thick cloud layer, he could not see what was going on below him, but he could hear Vasily's voice alerting him in his headset: "Young Master Ye, the speed and direction of descent is stable, about 50 metres per second, please hold on, you are expected to reach a safe opening altitude in a minute and a half."


      Ye Chen shouted, "Okay, I know


      Ten seconds later, Ye Chen's body finally crossed the cloud layer.


      At this moment, a small amount of rain had already started to condense below the clouds, and it looked like rainfall was about to form.


      Ye Chen could see that almost all of the mountains below him stretched endlessly, and the mountains in the Middle East were really nothing scenic to speak of, almost an earthy yellow as far as the eye could see, and because it was a plateau, some of the higher altitude mountain tops still had white snow on them.


      Although he was far away, he could still see that the houses in these villages were almost all low and dirt, and the poverty level was evident.


      As he got closer, Ye Chen could see that this village was surrounded by two peaks on the east and west, with an entrance and exit to the village on the north and south.


      The two entrances, one to the north and the other to the south, had armoured vehicles parked on them, as well as artificially constructed trenches and firing pallets.


      In the middle of the village, there is a small circular square, on which four helicopter gunships are parked. Four helicopter gunships are parked in the square.


      In addition, on the peaks on both sides, there were also artificial fortifications and lookouts that could be seen, and people could still be seen moving around inside the fortifications.


      Ye Chen had already made a quick judgement in his mind at this time. He was alone and would have to sneak into the opponent's hinterland, so the two north and south entrances were definitely not an option.


      The most suitable entry point would be the peaks on the east and west sides of the mountain.


      For the opposition stationed here, they also know very well that the government forces do not have the capacity for large-scale air strikes, and if they really want to attack them, the greatest possibility is to attack by land.


      The mountains to the east and west have no roads at all, and even if soldiers were to sneak in on foot from here, it would be very difficult, not to mention all the heavy equipment.


      So if the government forces really want to attack, they can only enter through the two entrances, north and south.


      Because of this, the opposition's defences on the east and west sides were also relatively weak, basically equipped with only a small number of soldiers, a few heavy machine guns and Stinger missiles.


      From here, Ye Chen had a high degree of certainty that he would not be detected, and even if he was detected, he would not be in any danger, because the anti-aircraft capability of the heavy machine guns was very weak, and the bullets would not only fail to hit high, but would also be parabolic due to gravity.


      As for the Stinger missile, although this thing is very strong in combat, it can only lock on to the aircraft itself, not the living, so in front of Ye Chen, it is equivalent to waste


      At this moment, Ye Chen's voice came from Vasily's headset, he spoke: "Young Master Ye, according to your current rate of descent, you will have to open your parachute in ten seconds


      Ye Chen glanced at the data on his watch, in ten seconds, the altitude to open the parachute would be around five hundred meters, in order to be cautious, he wanted to choose the eastern half of the mountain as the landing point first, so that he could directly avoid the defensive positions at the top of the mountain, so he spoke: "I want to open the parachute again at two hundred meters.


      "Two hundred metres," Vasily said out of the blue, "not to mention the fact that you would land in full view of the defensive positions at the top of the mountain, but the speed of your descent would not allow for sufficient cushioning, and the force your body would have to endure on landing would be almost the same as jumping from a height of seven or eight storeys without any protection. The jump would be life threatening!