Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2651

 Fifteen minutes after take-off, Ye Chen was only a few dozen kilometres from his destination in the end.


      According to Vasily's calculations, Ye Chen should jump out of the cabin in five minutes and then land five kilometres from his destination through his remote guidance.


      So, he opened his mouth and asked Ye Chen: ''Young Master Ye, are you ready


      Ye Chen nodded: "Ready."


      Vasily then said to Han Guangyao, "Mr. Han, please ask the captain to open the hatch."


      "Good Han Guangyao immediately walked to the cockpit and asked the captain to open the hatch at the tail end of the plane.


      As the hatch slowly opened, a violent cold wind instantly poured in, instantly freezing Chen Zekai and the others.


      Chen Zekai hurriedly said loudly to Ye Chen: "Young master, you must be careful and careful again. Six hours later, we will definitely be waiting for you at the place you specified.


      Ye Chen smiled slightly: "Don't worry, we'll see you in six hours


      Vasily accompanied Ye Chen to the open hatch at this time, everyone was watching him with bated breath, this was his first parachute jump, not only was it extremely difficult, but landing was where the real difficulties began.


      No one present, except for Richard Chen, could figure out what kind of confidence Ye Chen had that would allow him to dare to go deep into a dragon's den guarded by thousands of soldiers by himself, a mission of such hellish difficulty that even a movie would not dare to make.


      Therefore, every one of them was sweating over Ye Chen's safety.


      Han Guangyao even felt that this matter would probably end with the Ye family paying the opposition a large amount of cash and ransoming Ye Chen back from the opposition.


      However, Ye Chen was full of clouds and breeze.


      When the five minutes were up, Vasily said to Ye Chen, "Young Master Ye, it's time to jump!


      But Ye Chen was indifferent and said indifferently: "Wait a little longer.


      Vassili said nervously, "Young Master Ye, we can't wait any longer, we are still flying very fast, if you wait any longer your landing point will be greatly shifted, if you land closer to the opposition base, then you will be in danger and the closer you are, the bigger your target will be when you open your parachute


      Ye Chen smiled, "Time is of the essence, so it's better to be closer."


      Vasily looked at the time and blurted out, "Young Master Ye, if you jump now, the distance may only be three kilometres, we can't wait any longer"


      Han Guangyao also said with a nervous face, "Yes, Young Master, if you wait any longer, you will be jumping on top of the opposition base. Up there9


      Ye Chen looked at Vasily and asked him, "If I want to land a kilometre away from them, when is the most appropriate time to jump"


      Vasily swallowed hard and said, "If you really want to control it to about one kilometre, then you will have to wait another 30 seconds.


      "Okay" Ye Chen nodded, "You can count down for me, after 30 seconds, I will jump out on time.


      Vasily wiped his cold sweat and stammered: "That's... It's just too dangerous.


      Ye Chen laughed: "It doesn't matter, don't I still have the surrender book on me? If I can't really, I'll give them the surrender book, just think of it as spending money to experience an extreme sport."


      On the side, Han Guangyao sighed helplessly in secret.


      He had met Ye Chen for the first time and at this moment, he only felt that Ye Chen was simply an unheard of dude.


      He had seen super rich kids come out all over the world to spend money and play with women for fun, but he had never seen a super rich kid like Ye Chen who came out to spend money and play with his life.


      Vasily kept his eyes on the stopwatch in his hand, and when the last 10 seconds were left on the clock, he started the countdown.




      The hatch was fully open at this point, and beyond it was a thick layer of clouds.


      Although Syria was also part of the Middle East, it was at a similar latitude to Jinling, and it also happened to be winter, so it was the season of the year when Syria received the most rainfall.


      The thick clouds not only blocked the sunlight but also made the air very humid.