Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2647-2648

 Chapter 2647

"How to get the people out."


      Hearing Chen Zekai's question, Ye Chen let out a bitter smile and said frankly: "To be honest, I don't know, how should I get the people out.


      Chen Zekai asked nervously, "Then how sure are you this time?"


      Ye Chen said seriously:


      "I have never been to Syria


      But from what you just said, the other side's paper figures are still very strong, even if I am somewhat capable, I cannot carry thousands of loaded soldiers hard, so I can only find a way to sneak in quietly.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.


      Ye Chen waved his hand and said: "I still have the ability and certainty to protect myself, but it is not easy to say if I can successfully save the people.


      Chen Zekai asked again: "Young master, you said you were going to parachute in a fixed-wing aircraft, have you had any previous experience in parachuting?


      Ye Chen shook his head and said, "No, I have had problems with food and clothing all these years, how could I have the opportunity to experience parachuting."


      Chen Zekai's expression became even more nervous and he said, "Young master, if you have never skydived before, wouldn't it be even more dangerous in this situation"


      He said, he hurriedly added: "The information I received from my side shows that the opposition's current anti-aircraft weapon is the American-made Stinger anti-aircraft missile, this missile has an effective firing height of around four kilometres, so the aircraft will definitely have to maintain an altitude of more than four kilometres by then, that means you will have to parachute from an altitude of more than four kilometres, this altitude is very difficult to parachute from


      Ye Chen asked in vain: "Then tell me specifically, what are the main points that are difficult about parachuting at an altitude of four thousand metres"


      Richard Chen explained: "First of all, we have to deal with the air pressure and low temperature at high altitude, which is a test of the skydiver's physical quality.


      Ye Chen nodded: "I believe I have no problem with this point, what about the rest"


      Richard Chen continued, "Other than that, it's about maintaining your attitude at high altitude, you must ensure that your descent speed is moderate, not too slow, let alone too fast, which requires you to make reasonable use of your body and constantly adjust the air resistance as well as your attitude."


      Ye Chen nodded and said, "That doesn't sound like it should be too difficult, is there more"


      The other thing is the timing of opening the parachute, and the control of the parachute after opening.


      That said, Richard Chen continued: "Right, there is also the posture when landing, although usually look at other people skydiving, as if the speed of landing is not fast, in fact, the moment of landing, the speed of descent is still very high, which requires the skydiver to make good adjustments in the moment before landing, if the control is not good, broken legs or broken bones are common.


      When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn't help but ask him rhetorically: "I, last time, jumped from a helicopter more than ten meters high. I was fine even jumping off the helicopter, this you are talking about, it shouldn't be a problem for me."


      Only then did Chen Zekai remember how Ye Chen had behaved the last time he had gone to take care of Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing, and when he thought that Ye Chen's physical quality was completely different from normal people, he was slightly relieved.


      So, he took a long breath and continued: "Young master, since this is the case, then I think the only two issues you need to pay attention to are the directional control and the timing of opening the parachute, I will contact the interface person in Lebanon and ask them to prepare a device that can display air pressure, altitude and gps positioning for you, so that you can judge the timing of the jump according to the real-time data and then adjust the direction according to the gps in real time. Then you can adjust your direction in real time according to the gps."


      Ye Chen nodded: "Okay, have them arrange for a parachute instructor to come with me. Get on the plane and tell me how to open the parachute and steer on the way."


      After more than four hours of flight, Ye Chen's Concorde finally landed at Beirut Airport, the capital of Lebanon.


      It was mid-afternoon in Beirut and the temperature had reached around thirty degrees Celsius.


      The sky had been a little overcast and the air was a little humid, as if a heavy rain had been held in for a long time without coming down.

Chapter 2648

Once the plane Ye Chen was on landed, it taxied straight to a large hangar, where a transport plane with four propeller engines was also parked at the moment, and a group of flight attendants were surrounding the plane to do a meticulous inspection." After the plane had stopped, the boarding ladder was docked and the crew opened the cabin door, so Ye Chen walked out of the cabin together with Chen Zekai.


      At this moment, at the bottom of the ladder, a middle-aged man with a Chinese face was standing respectfully, and when Ye Chen and Richard Chen stepped down, he hurriedly stepped forward and bowed respectfully, saying, "Hello, young master, welcome to Beirut."


      Ye Chen looked at the other man and found that he was similar in age to Chen Zekai, in his mid-thirties, and his Mandarin was very standard, so he did not seem to be an overseas Chinese who had lived overseas for a long time.


      He then asked, "Are you from the Ye family?"


      The other party hurriedly said, "Young master, I am the spokesman of the Ye family in the Middle East, my name is Han Guangyao, the master specially asked me to fly over from Saudi Arabia to help you with your connections and provide you with all the help I can."


      Ye Chen nodded slightly and asked him: "How is the situation in Liah"


      Han Guangyao explained, "The Syrian opposition is at a standstill with the US embassy, but the US embassy is very firm this time and has no intention of compromising, so I guess it won't be long before they lose their patience."


      Ye Chen asked, "Is the US Embassy not prepared to intervene in this matter at all, or does it have other plans behind the scenes?


      Han Guangyao said helplessly, "At the moment, they are not prepared to intervene at all, mainly because they did not get any benefit from their efforts in Syria in the previous years, and now they do not want to be involved again after withdrawing their troops."


      "On the other hand, it's also because the young Americans who were kidnapped are not the children of American dignitaries or wealthy people, none of them have much background, and the US side wants to make a minor issue out of it, so it has already started to suppress the news on home soil, and is also ordering the major European media not to follow up on the story.


      "In this way, even if the reactionaries do kill these eight people, the American nation will not hear anything about it.


      Said Han Guangyao, and then lamented: "Moreover, the situation in Syria is particularly chaotic now, not only, it is the government forces and the opposition fighting, but there are also Kurdish forces involved.


      "The United States, Russia, Iran and Turkey are all behind this, which has led to various armed conflicts in Syria day and night, and any two sides fighting are in a red-eyed state, leaving no room for error. The US Embassy has long warned US citizens not to come to Syria.


      Ye Chen nodded gravely and asked him, "Has the parachute instructor arrived yet?


      "Yes." Han Guangyao said, "The instructor is on the plane debugging the parachute bag and equipment, I'll take you up to see him, by the way young master, our plane will take off in ten minutes.