Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2641-2642

 Chapter 2641

In Ye Zhongquan's eyes, Ye Chen was a standard meat and potatoes.


      Not to mention Ye Chen's strange strength, the marriage contract between Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi, and the Gu family's willingness to abide by it, made Ye Zhongquan look forward to Ye Chen's official return to the Ye family.


      The money earned from doing business is earned by accumulating it minute by minute, but if one earns money by marrying a wife, it is possible that overnight, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars more will be added to the family fortune.


      Gu Yanzhong only has such a daughter as Gu Qiuyi, so everyone knows that once someone marries Gu Qiuyi, it is the same as inheriting the entire Gu family. 


      Ye Zhongquan had long wanted to surpass the Su family, and if Ye Chen really took Gu Qiuyi into his pocket, then the combined strength of the Ye family would definitely be able to overtake the Su family by a large margin.




      By that time, the Ye family would be number one, the Gu family would be number two, and the Gu family would be almost equal to the Ye family, and that would be the time for the Ye family to rebuild its glory.


      That's why Ye Zhongquan was so tolerant of Ye Chen. If Ye Chen wanted to use his Concorde, he could only give it to him; if Ye Chen wanted him to help him enter Syria, he could only help.


      So, he immediately mobilized his resources and made arrangements, then told Ye Chen: "Chen'er, I have made the arrangements, the plane will take off from Yanjing in ten minutes, and will land at Jinling Airport half an hour after taking off, then you can directly board the plane at Jinling Airport and fly directly to Lebanon without stopping."


      Ye Chen sighed with relief after hearing this.


      Although the matter of going to Syria was too hasty, and there was no news of He Zhiqiu's accident, Ye Chen still felt that he had to go.


      However, when he suddenly had to leave for Syria, Ye Chen did not know how to explain to Xiao Churan.


      After thinking about it, he could only use the old rhetoric of reading feng shui for a client and called Xiao Churan.


      At this moment, Xiao Churan was still in a meeting at the Dihao Group.


      During this recent period, more than half of her working time was spent at Dihao Group.


      Because many of the plans had to be dovetailed with the representatives of Dihao Group, once there was any need, the plans had to be adjusted in time.


      The Empire Group is the largest real estate development group in Jinling, and its requirements for project partners are always very demanding.


      Moreover, in the Dihao Group, except for Wang Dongxue, who knew that Xiao Churan's real identity was the wife of the chairman, no one else knew anything about it.


      Therefore, in the eyes of these people, Xiao Churan was the one who won the bid for the cooperation of the Dihao Group, so they naturally had to be strict with the partners.


      Xiao Churan received a phone call from Ye Chen and hurried to the bathroom, and after answering it, she asked, "Honey, why are you calling me at this time?


      Ye Chen was a bit torn for a moment.


      In fact, he did not want to lie and deceive Xiao Churan until he had no other choice.


      But this kind of thing, one could not tell her the truth no matter what.


      Not only was the situation in Syria extremely dangerous in the eyes of ordinary people, but the reason for going to Syria alone could not be explained.


      If I told her that it was the child of her mother's former classmate who was in imminent danger in Syria, there would be many questions that I could not answer.


      For example, who is her mother and who are her mother's classmates?


      For example, what can one do if one's mother's classmate's child is in Syria, and how can one go there with one's bare hands and without a direct flight?


      There are times when, if one chooses to tell the truth, one must pull out the carrot and bring out the mud to confess all the key information; otherwise, it would be more appropriate to make up a false reason.


      The first thing I did was to ask for a feng shui reading for a house, and he happened to be looking at a second-hand villa that someone else was selling.


      Xiao Churan asked him: "To go to the field ah go how long"


      Ye Chen thought about it and said, "If it's quick, I'll be back tomorrow; but if it's slow, it might take three or two days.

Chapter 2642

Xiao Churan could not help but ask him in a low voice: "husband, this project can not be put off ah you have a birthday in a few days, this period of time really do not want you again like before so"


      Ye Chen heart moved, soft voice: "Good wife, honestly I do not want to go out at this time, but this time looking for me is an old customer, really can not be shirked.


      The reason for this is that I'm not going to take any more new orders for the next month after I'm done with this one.


      The reason why Ye Chen promised a month, because almost a month or so later, it will be the Qingming Festival, when he will have to go to Yanjing to participate in the ancestral ceremony, then certainly still have to use the feng shui reason to explain to Xiao Churan.


      Xiao Churan on this side of the phone, once heard Ye Chen said back after a month not to take orders, the mood is finally considered to ease a lot, the tone also with a few petty meaning, angry: "This is what you said oh, if the next month, you still dare to go out to others to see feng shui, then I will sleep with you in separate rooms!


      Ye Chen heard this, immediately agreed without hesitation, said off the cuff: "wife rest assured that I do what I say!


      Xiao Churan then satisfied, asked him: "So when exactly will you leave


      Ye Chen said: "A little while later, we will leave directly."


      Xiao Churan asked with surprise: "Why so anxious ah I thought you had to wait until tomorrow to leave.


      Ye Chen explained: "The seller of the villa contacted several buyers at the same time, because the price is cheaper, so whoever starts first will be the one who gets it, so this old customer is in such a hurry, and wants me to go over with him today.


      Xiao Churan curiously asked: "What customer ah, male female"


      After saying that, she felt that her question was a bit inappropriate, and hurriedly explained: "Ye Chen, I just casually asked, no other meaning ah, if you do not want to say forget it."


      Ye Chen laughed: "It's a male customer, he's quite famous, the general manager of our Buckingham Palace Hotel, Chen Zekai."


      Xiao Churan had naturally heard of Chen Zekai's name.


      However, she only knew that Chen Zekai was the general manager of Buckingham Palace, and she also knew that Chen Zekai was very influential in Jinling, but she did not know the real background of Chen Zekai.


      So Ye Chen was not afraid to use Richard Chen as a cover.


      When he heard Chen Zekai's name, Xiao Churan exclaimed: "Mom, this Chen Zekai is said to be particularly powerful, even the Song family has to give him a few face, when did he become your regular customer


      Ye Chen deliberately lowered his voice and laughed: Jinling this group of rich people do not believe in feng shui, I have some fame before, so many rich people came to the name."


      He said, he said: "wife, wait a moment, I let Mr. Chen say a few words to you.


      Xiao Churan hurriedly said: "No, no, husband, I just ask, no other meaning.


      Ye Chen laughed: "Husband also did not mean anything else, just let you rest assured.


      He said, he said to Chen Zekai: "Mr. Chen, please say something to my wife."


      Chen Zekai hurriedly came over and said seriously: "Mrs. Ye, I am Chen Zekai, this time it is hard for Master Ye to go with me to the field, I also hope you do not mind."


      Xiao Churan said, "No, I won't, I hope everything goes well for you."


      Ye Chen said: "Wife, we are ready to leave immediately, so I will not talk to you."


      Xiao Churan said: "Then you go out, be sure to pay attention to safety, in addition to remember to eat on time.


      Ye Chen smiled: "Don't worry, I will take care of myself."


      Xiao Churan then reluctantly said:


      "Then you go, I also continue to busy work, come back early.




      Ye Chen also hung up the phone with some reluctance, and then immediately said to Chen Zekai: "Arrange the helicopter, I want to go to the airport!