Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2639-2640

 Chapter 2639

The Concorde was the only supersonic airliner in the world to have ever been in commercial operation.


      For many young people, they may not even know about this aircraft, but they have to admit that it has written a big part in the history of civil aviation.


      A look at the pattern of human technological development over the decades reveals an interesting phenomenon, which is that, in recent years, people have been relatively more conservative in their development of technology.


      The Cold War period from the 1960s to the 1980s, on the other hand, was a golden age when human technology thrived and developed like crazy.


      The people of that era showed an unprecedented fervour and radicalism in the field of technology.


      The Soviet Union sent cosmonauts into space and the United States sent astronauts to the moon at a time when computers had no more computing power than a Zeppelin learning machine.


      It was also an era when people lost interest in ordinary subsonic civil aircraft and began to stride headlong into the supersonic age.


      In 1975, the Concorde, capable of reaching twice the speed of sound, was put into service, and people were already enjoying supersonic airliners at 2,150 kilometres per hour at that time.


      Nowadays, it takes nearly two hours to fly from Yanjing to Jinling, but with the Concorde, it only takes 25 minutes.


      Unfortunately, although this aircraft was extremely fast, its fuel economy was extremely poor, so with the advent of the economic crisis and a serious flight accident, this aircraft was withdrawn from civil aviation in 2003 and has since disappeared from the world.


      And, without exception, all of them have become the exclusive cars of top tycoons.


      Ye Chen's grandfather, Ye Zhongquan, had one.


      His Concorde, which he bought and spent enormous financial resources on renovation and maintenance, still costs tens of millions of dollars a year for basic maintenance.


      However, Ye Zhongquan spent so much money on this aircraft . With all the money spent on it, he can hardly fly it once a year.


      But the significance of this kind of aircraft to the top big families is equivalent to the nuclear weapons of a big country, which can usually remain sealed away and not be used for years or even decades, but once a major event requires it, it can be put into use immediately.


      That's why Richard Chen came up with this solution. As long as Ye Zhongquan was willing to lend Ye Chen this Concorde, it would be no problem at all to send Ye Chen to Syria within four and a half hours.


      However, Ye Zhongquan was so attached to this plane that he had never given it to anyone except himself, and even his sons and daughters had never had the chance to use it.


      Chen Zekai was just a spokesman for the Ye family in Jinling, and he was not even good enough to get in touch with Ye Zhongquan directly, so Ye Chen could only talk to Ye Zhongquan himself about this matter.


      Ye Chen was instantly awakened by his words.


      He couldn't hide his excitement and said out of the blue, "Great if there's a Concorde, it will save a big chunk of time at once"


      Saying that, he immediately took out his mobile phone and spoke, "I'll give him a call right now, we have to borrow this plane no matter what"


      Chen Zekai said with some concern: "Young master, it is said that your grandfather is extraordinarily precious about this plane, so far he has not lent it out, nor has he let anyone else use it other than him, I am now worried that he will not be willing to lend it to you.


      The company's main business is to provide a service to its customers.


      After saying that, he called his grandfather Ye Zhongquan.


      The phone only rang twice before it was immediately answered.

Chapter 2640

Ye Zhongquan was very happy and asked, "Chen'er, why did you want to call grandpa today?


      Ye Chen got straight to the point and said, "I have something I want to ask you for help."


      Ye Zhongquan did not hesitate to say, "Oh, what else do you have to do with grandpa?


      Ye Chen then said, "I have an urgent matter, I have to go to Yizhao Lebanon immediately, I heard that you have a Concorde, I want to borrow it.


      "I heard that you have a Concorde, I want to borrow it. Why don't I lend that plane to you?"


      Ye Chen said firmly, "No, I'll only lend it to Concord.


      Ye Zhongquan sighed and said, "Aiya, that plane is really too old, it left the factory in 1985, to be honest, it is quite older than you, and as you know, the older something like a plane is, the less safe it is."


      Ye Chen didn't expect Ye Zhongquan to play Taiji with himself here, so he couldn't hold back a bit and blurted out, "It's fine if you don't want to lend me the Concorde, but you should at least lend me a plane that can let me fly from Jinling to Lebanon within these four and a half hours.


      "This Ye Zhongquan said awkwardly: "Four and a half hours is too much to ask, can you be a little lenient".


      Ye Chen asked him rhetorically: "Can you lend it or not, just give me a painful answer. If you can't, then I won't impose on you.


      Saying this, Ye Chen said in a cold voice: ''However, I may have to reconsider the matter of the ancestral ritual, besides. I feel that since even something as small as borrowing a plane is such a hassle, I won't bother the Ye family anymore in the future."


      The first thing that I did was to get a new one.


      The company's voice then eased down and he spoke: "Since this is the case, then the ancestral ceremony, I will not go back on my word.


      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


      Ye Chen casually agreed and said, "Yes, after the ancestral ceremony, I will visit you often.


      Ye Zhongquan said, "That's good, that's good.


      After saying that, he asked, "Chen'er, do you need any help in Lebanon?"


      Ye Chen thought of the problem he had just talked about with Richard Chen and asked, "I wonder if you can help me with my connections, so that I can leave Lebanon and go to Syria without any problems


      "You're going to Syria" Ye Zhongquan asked in surprise, "There's a war going on over there, what are you doing there?"


      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I have some personal matters and need to go there.


      Ye Zhongquan thought for a moment and said, "I have some connections in Lebanon."


      "Let me tell you this, I'll help you get through, and guarantee that I'll help you get this done before you arrive in Lebanon."


      Guarantee that when you arrive in Lebanon, you can go straight to Syria."