Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2637-2638

 Chapter 2637

On his way to Buckingham Palace by taxi, Ye Chen was still worried about He Zhiqiu's matter.


      In case something happened to He Zhiqiu and he didn't have time to get there, Ye Chen even wanted to leave now, but the situation in Syria was so special that he didn't know how to get there.


      When he thought that Richard Chen had strong resources in various areas, Ye Chen was ready to seek his advice.


      It was just as well that he had to discuss with him how to deal with the Su family next.


      After arriving at the Buckingham Palace, Ye Chen went straight to Richard Chen's office.


      At this moment, inside the Buckingham Palace Hotel, Su Shoudao was still waiting for the opportunity to establish contact with Ito Yohiko.


      However, because he had sneaked into Buckingham Palace quietly, he had stayed inside his room until now, not daring to show his head.


      His wife, Du Haiqing, his eldest daughter, Su Zhiyu, and his illegitimate daughter, Su Ruoli, are likewise residing in this hotel.


      Only, none of these three parties knew that the other two were beside themselves.


      Ye Chen came all the way to Chen Zekai's office, and as soon as they met, Chen Zekai hurriedly reported to him, "Young master, the two grandchildren you asked me to send people to monitor, my people have already started to keep an eye on them secretly, and I will tell you the first time there is any movement."


      Ye Chen nodded and said in a somewhat gruff tone, "These two people were sent by the Su family, and I see that the odds are that they are trying to find clues about me, so you must keep a close eye on them, and also keep an eye on the people who have come to Jinling recently."


      When Chen Zekai heard this, he immediately said with righteous indignation, "Young master, these two people dare to turn against you, if you want me to say so, why don't we just strike first and finish them off?


      The two of them are feng shui masters, and they have some integrity, so let's keep them alive and see what they are planning to do next.


      Chen Zekai was busy saying, "Okay, young master, I know."


      Ye Chen nodded and asked him, "Right old Chen, do you know anything about the situation in Syria


      "Syria," Chen Zekai said awkwardly, "Young master, why are you suddenly concerned about this shitty place?


      Ye Chen let out a sarcastic laugh and spoke, "I'll go to a place where birds don't shit."


      "What," Chen Zekai exclaimed and said, "Young master, you're not kidding me, you're going to Syria.


      Ye Chen nodded his head: "That's right, and probably the sooner the better."


      "This "Chen Zekai thought about it and said offhandedly: "That place is now at war, the civil aviation system is not navigable ah what do you want to law that for if there is nothing important, I would advise you not to go"


      Ye Chen said helplessly: "There are some sudden emergencies, I have to go, and time is short, you quickly help me inquire, there is not a more reliable route, can let me in the fastest time, all the way into the capital of Syria Damascus.


      Once Richard Chen heard this, he stopped persuading Ye Chen, but immediately took out his mobile phone and made several phone calls in quick succession.

Chapter 2638

After the phone call, Richard Chen said to Ye Chen:Young master, I consulted my friends and also inquired about some overseas channels, now if you want to go to Syria, the more common route is to fly to Turkey or Iraq first, and then take the land route from these two countries into Syria.


      But what is more embarrassing is that Turkey is in the north of Syria and Iraq is in the east of Syria, but Damascus, the capital of Syria, is in the southwest of Syria, which means that whether you go to Damascus from Iraq or from Turkey, you have to go through several hundred kilometres of land.


      Moreover, the terrain in the Middle East was complex and the traffic was not very convenient, and this journey alone would take at least twenty hours.


      Ye Chen frowned and said: "If I remember correctly, the western part of Syria should be bordering Lebanon and the two capitals are very close to each other. The straight line distance is even less than 100 kilometres, isn't it more convenient to fly to Lebanon first and then enter Syria from Lebanon"


      Richard Chen nodded and said, "Young master, I asked this just now.


      "In theory, of course Lebanon is closer to Damascus, but if civil aviation flies from the country to Lebanon, the route just happens to go through Syria.


      Now the Syrian government forces and the opposition are fighting like rotten pears, and both sides have ground-to-air weapons in their hands, so no civil aviation from any country dares to fly into its airspace, and can only make a big circle to avoid the Syrian airspace.


      According to the civil aviation routes, once you have to go around Syria, the flight distance has to increase by nearly two thousand kilometres.


      The company's business planes will not be able to fly over in one breath and will have to find a stopover airport midway to refuel.



      "In that case, it will be necessary to coordinate an additional airport for stopover replenishment, and when the time comes to land, refuel, and take off again after routine checks, there will be another one or two hours delay.


      "The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


      Ye Chen nodded and said with a grave expression: "Even if we have to cross the border secretly, the straight-line distance of less than 100 kilometres will save a lot of time.


      The two countries are heavily guarded and at this very time, if someone crosses the border illegally, either side has the right to shoot directly, and there are not only Syrian government forces, but also opposition forces in Syria, the situation is too complicated, it is difficult to penetrate


      Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, "This is not a problem, I have my own way to cross the border."


      The main thing is that the flight time is too long, it will take at least nine hours, if we take a detour, we will have to fly for another two to three hours.


      Chen Zekai was also in deep thought, he thought long and hard, suddenly thought of something and said out of the blue: "Young master, at the moment, there is a only solution that allows you to fly from Jinling to Lebanon in four and a half hours only I can't do this solution, only you can try it yourself."


      Ye Chen hurriedly asked, "What is the solution?


      Chen Zekai hurriedly reminded, "Young master, do you remember, that time when you went to Changbai Mountain to ambush the Eight Heavenly Kings in advance, I told you that your grandfather spent a lot of money to buy a Concorde


      "The Concorde's flight speed is 2.5 times faster than that of a civilian aircraft. Moreover, the Concorde your grandfather bought was specially modified and upgraded to reduce the aircraft's carrying capacity and increase its fuel capacity, so that it can fly 10,000 kilometres at supersonic speed with a single refuelling.