Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2635-2636

 Chapter 2635

The old fortune-teller did not expect that even He Yuanjiang, a gentle middle-aged man, would sing against him, so he said with some irritation: "Don't talk to me here about bullshit science, science of what? Even science has to have basic common sense, right? The dragon gives birth to the phoenix, the rat gives birth to a son who will make a hole. Is there a problem?"

He Yuanjiang said helplessly: "Old man, you really have to believe in science, although I am not studying medicine or biology, but I am at least a university professor, this basic common sense is still there.

When the old man heard He Yuanjiang say that he was a university professor, he immediately panicked a little.

When he saw that He Yuanjiang did not look like a fraud, he felt that something was not right.

So he subconsciously asked, "Since you are a professor, can you explain to me why my son can't be of type ab blood?

He Yuanjiang said seriously: "If I really talk about the principle of this, I can't really explain it clearly in a moment, but you can just look it up on the Internet.

The old man hurriedly took out a large screen miscellaneous mobile phone, seriously wrote and drew for half a day, then saw his expression frozen for a moment.


He did look up the relevant results, too.

On the internet_, all the claims are the same as He Yuanjiang's, that parents with blood type AB and 0 can only give birth to children with blood type A, or B, and definitely not O and AB.

This also meant that his eldest son was in no way his own son, and at the thought of this, a mouthful of old blood almost spurted out of him!

Immediately, he picked up his mobile phone in a panic and called his second son, asking straight away, "Second, do you know what blood type you are?

His second son said in surprise: "I remember it was type O, I think it said the same as my mother.

"Type O?" The old man was struck by lightning and asked, "Are you sure? Are you sure?

"No, I'm not wrong." The second son said, "Then when I was not caught stealing cables, the prison gave me a blood type test before I entered the prison to be registered in the file.

The old man's eyes went black.

This was a f*cking tragedy.

The oldest wasn't his, and the second wasn't either?

As he broke down, he thought of his youngest son and couldn't resist making another phone call.

As soon as the person on the other end picked up, he asked after him, "Older three, you ......

Do you know what blood type you are?

The youngest son was surprised and asked: "Dad, you're calling about this? I'm a little bit of a fan of the idea, but I'm a little bit of a fan of the idea.

The old man said out of the blue: "You tell me now!

The younger son asked in confusion: "Dad, why are you calling about this?

The old man scolded: '"Where the f*ck are you going with all this nonsense? Why don't you just answer whatever I ask you?

The youngest son hurriedly said, "Well, well, I'm an AB blood type, aren't I like you? I inherited it from you."

The old man was so angry that he almost fell to the ground.

The youngest son then said, "Dad, the teacher at Tengfei's school called and said that this child is unable to keep up with his grades in all subjects and asked me to enroll him in a course, I calculated that the registration fee alone would cost more than three thousand, can you pay it for him?

The old man gritted his teeth and cursed, "I'll pay the hell up!"

After saying that, he slammed his mobile phone on the ground and smashed it to pieces, followed by tears.

He had never dreamed that none of his three sons would be his own.

He couldn't help but cover his face in pain: "What have I done to deserve this?

Chapter 2636

After saying that, his whole body completely collapsed and he lay down on the ground at once, whimpering and crying.

He Yuanjiang also looked frozen. 

He had always thought that Ye Chen was deliberately angry with this old man, but he had never expected to have Ye Chen's prophecy come true.

He hurriedly asked Ye Chen: ''Ye. Chen what's going on here .

Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders helplessly: ''That's what's going on ah, from his face and trigram, he shouldn't even have a son, but he ended up having three more, then this is obviously wrong, but now it's solved, he really doesn't have a son.

The fact is that the case is now solved and he does not have a son. He Yuanjiang couldn't help but ask: "Can fortune-telling and face reading be so accurate? This is too amazing, right?"

Ye Chen stood up and pulled He Yuanjiang farther away while whispering, "Uncle He, I was actually teasing him on purpose just now, but I didn't expect that my crow's mouth would be right."

"Huh?!" He Yuanjiang said, dumbfounded: "How can you say that? !"

Ye Chen laughed, "A blind cat met a dead rat! What's impossible."

He Yuanjiang asked again, "Then what did he say about Zhiqiu being in trouble?

Ye Chen waved his hand ......

"That's all his bullsh*t, you simply don't take it to heart.

He Yuanjiang heard these words, slightly relieved.

He also found that the old man who told fortunes was indeed a big lug.

Therefore, the tension in his heart was relieved.

Ye Chen remembered the fortune he had just divined and said to He Yuanjiang, "Uncle He, if you have time this afternoon, you should pay more attention to the local news about the situation in Syria.

I do have some friends in the media who have good connections and can talk to all the major media companies. These large media outlets should have war correspondents and news networks, so I'll ask them to help me keep an eye on first-hand information.

Ye Chen busy said: "Then if there is any news, you also the first time to tell me.


Ye Chen looked at the time and said, "Uncle He, just go back to school, I'm leaving too.

He Yuanjiang pointed at the one lying on the ground in the distance ......

Rolling and crying, he said with some sympathy: ''What about this old man?

Ye Chen said helplessly: "I can't help it, I have no son in his life, I can't give him a change to go, this thing let him digest it slowly!

He Yuanjiang sighed helplessly and said, "Okay, then I'll go first, we both must keep in touch today, no matter who has any information on their side, exchange it with each other at the first time."

"No problem.

After seeing He Yuanjiang cross the road, Ye Chen could not help but let out a long sigh and muttered sadly, "I always feel that He Zhiqiu's accident is imminent and there is not much time left for her, but how can I save her? I don't know where she is, and I don't know how to get to Syria".

"You know, there's a lot of fighting going on in Syria! The situation is so volatile that there are no direct flights to the country from any city in the country.

"There are even reports on the internet that the civil aviation system in Syria has been completely shut down and that you may have to fly to a neighbouring country and then find a way to enter by road.

"That would take at least 24 hours on the road, and if there were any real danger, it would be too late to react.