Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2633-2634

 Chapter 2633

From the trigrams, He Zhiqiu had almost nine lives to die, and this only door to life was in Jinling.

Ye Chen instantly realised that this door of life for He Zhiqiu must lie in himself.

Apart from himself, I was afraid that no one could save her. 

Moreover, this trigram looked as if He Zhiqiu was already enveloped in danger from now on.

Furthermore, her birth gate was on himself, if he didn't save He Zhiqiu, she would surely die!

To save, or not to save, Ye Chen hardly hesitated too much.

Just in that lightning flash when he discovered that He Zhiqiu's birth gate was on his own body, Ye Chen had already decided to save her.

Although Ye Chen had never seen He Zhiqiu before and had no friendship with her, Ye Chen still had two reasons in his heart why he had to save her.

The first reason was that he wanted to enter the huge market of ocean shipping as soon as possible, and He Zhiqiu was the best person for the job. If she could come back to help him, her father, He Yuanjiang, would also help him, so that the business would be stable;

The second reason is that He Yuanjiang is a friend and classmate of his mother's, and after his parents' accident, he also took a lot of trouble to find himself, and he only has He Zhiqiu, a daughter, so just looking at this layer, he can't see the death.


However, Ye Chen's heart was a little worried.

The actual fact is that you can save, but how?

After all, she is in Syria, and she knows nothing about exactly where in Syria she is.

The possibility of finding out exactly where she is directly from the trigrams is almost nil!

Thinking of this, a thought flashed through Ye Chen's mind: "This time, He Zhiqiu is following the Syrian government forces in a military operation.

If He Zhiqiu's life is in danger, then it means that the government forces will probably fail in this operation, which will bring He Zhiqiu and the girls down.

' In that case, I'll have to pay more attention to the situation in Syria and the news to see if there is any news about the failure of the government's operation in the next few days.

Just as Ye Chen was filled with sadness, the stall owner of the fortune telling stall across the street said with a sneer on his face: ''Young man, why are you silent? Is it because you don't understand what your trigram means? Or are you just thinking about how to fool us in the future?

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the way if you can't do it, so don't delay me in solving people's problems!

Ye Chen saw his expression was very smug, and his eyebrows were filled with the villain's ......

I see that you have a poor face and are destined to have a life of suffering and hard work, and you are not destined to achieve great things.

Therefore, I still advise you not to cheat all day long, at such an old age, find a stable and formal job, and save yourself from the misery of hunger and cold in the future."

The old man did not expect that he was looking at Ye Chen's jokes, but Ye Chen turned around and mocked himself a bit.

What was more crucial was that this guy was really right.

He had indeed suffered a lot in his life.

This was mainly because, when he was young, he was over-eyed and over-ambitious, and he was not right-minded, and he had been in prison for a few years.

So there was hardly any job that he could do for long.

He had no longevity in anything he did, let alone any accumulation, so he had almost nothing to show for it in his life.

Not only had he wasted his life, but his children were also unproductive.

Now his children have all started their own families, but they are all living in poverty.

At his age, he still has to cheat, partly to support himself and his partner, and partly because he wants to give his children a little allowance.

Chapter 2634

In normal days, he was full of bitterness that he didn't dare to pour out to the world, and he had to pretend to be a worldly man to deceive others, but now he was coldly poked by a young boy, and it instantly made him furious.

He didn't think that Ye Chen was really capable of reading people's faces, he felt that Ye Chen was just deliberately trying to badger his business and was also trying to take advantage of the opportunity to ridicule himself!

So, he immediately snorted coldly and said with disdain, "Humph! You're saying that old man has suffered and worked hard all his - life? What a joke! To tell you the truth, I have already achieved financial freedom when I was young, and I already have a large number of children and grandchildren, so I can enjoy all the blessings and happiness of my family at home, the reason why I still come out to tell fortunes at such an old age is that I want to be universal!"

After saying this, he looked at He Yuanjiang and said with a bit of anger: " You can take this young man who speaks shamelessly and leave. So please also take care of yourself.

He Yuanjiang was a little anxious and lowered his voice and said to Ye Chen: "Ye Chen ah, this kind of thing we would rather believe it than not, and honestly 5000 yuan is not a big deal, even if it is to buy a peace of mind is worth it.

Ye Chen posed ......

I see that your cheeks are thin and your middle is flat and full, you don't look like a blessed person, and the shape of your forehead is not satisfied, this is a typical childless, or even childless face, you say you have children and grandchildren, how is this possible?

The old man snorted coldly: "Boy, you are not as good as others, you start to engage in personal attacks? I have three sons, three daughters, and thirteen grandchildren and grandchildren, and you say I have a childless face? ! How outrageous!

Ye Chen smiled faintly: "You do not hurry, I will give you to calculate - the trigram.

After saying that, he grabbed the five copper coins and threw them out again.

Afterwards, Ye Chen looked at the position, positive and negative, of the bronze coins and said indifferently, "The trigrams show that you are destined to have a lonely star and are destined to have no descendants!"

After saying that, Ye Chen looked at him and asked seriously, "Do your several sons and daughters, look like you?

The old man froze for a moment.

With one sentence, Ye Chen had poked at a knot that had been haunting him for so many years.

That was, none of his six children really looked like him.

Ye Chen continued: "This trigram also says that you will be ...... in the near future

I believe it is about this matter.

The old man said angrily: "Don't you talk nonsense here! You are so young, I advise you to be virtuous!

Ye Chen waved his hand: "I'm not teasing you, I'm telling the truth."

After saying that, Ye Chen asked him, "Do you know what blood type you have?

"Me?" The old man blurted out, "I'm type AB!

Ye Chen then asked, "Where is your partner?"

The old man said, "My partner is type O! What is it? What do you want to say?

Ye Chen asked again, " Do you know the blood type of one of your six children?

The old man continued, "My eldest son is also AB, just like me, what's wrong?

This time, before Ye Chen could say anything, He Yuanjiang said with a shocked face, "Your wife is blood type 0, you are blood type AB, and your eldest son is also blood type AB?

"Yes!" The old man snorted coldly, "The blood type is the same as mine, so he must be my own son!

He Yuanjiang said awkwardly, "From the science. From the scientific law of blood type inheritance, people with blood type AB and blood type 0 will only give birth to blood type A, or blood type B, it is impossible to give birth to blood type 0, or blood type AB"