Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2631-2632

 Chapter 2631

"All things are inauspicious?

When He Yuanjiang heard these four words, he subconsciously asked, "What does this mean? !

The old man asked with a disgusted look on his face, "Have you ever had your fortune told? Don't you know the meaning of the four words "all things are inauspicious"? It means that everything is inauspicious!

He said, "It means that if you draw this lottery, whatever you ask, it will be unlucky! If you ask about the relationship of a husband and wife, it means that they will be separated from each other; if you ask about your career and money, it means that the eggs will fly away; if you ask about your luck, it means that you will be in trouble; if you ask about the safety of your loved ones, it means that they will meet with a great calamity, or they will not escape!

"What? !" After hearing these words, He Yuanjiang immediately became anxious and asked nervously, "Old man, do you have any way to solve my daughter's calamity? !

"If you had drawn a lower lottery, I might have been able to think of something, but you drew this one, which means that this matter is too difficult!

As he said that, he turned his words and added: "But if I go all out and approach to break the game, then maybe there is still a chance of survival!

He Yuanjiang at this time has been completely disturbed by the other side of the rhythm, his mind is concerned only about the safety of his daughter, as for so many years of reading and learning ......

The knowledge that he had read and learned over the years was completely useless.

He asked with a face full of nervousness and eagerness: "Old man, please, you must help!"

The old man saw him . But breaking this predicament is too costly for me, so you have to follow the fortune of five thousand dollars this time, so that I can see if your heart is sincere.

He Yuanjiang did not care about the 5,000 yuan, if spending 5,000 yuan could increase the chance of his daughter's safe return by one in 10,000, then he was willing to do everything he could to raise 10,000 yuan to exchange for his daughter's safety.

So, almost without thinking, he was about to continue to scan the code and pay.

The old man said, "Old man, it doesn't matter if it's money or not, but before you take the money, shouldn't you tell us the specifics first, or what kind of way you are going to help crack it, or let us spend the money knowingly?

The old man didn't expect Ye Chen to come out halfway at this time to spoil his good deed, so he sneered and said: "A mere young man, how dare you doubt my ability?

Ye Chen waved his hand: ''I don't dare, I'm not doubting you, I just want to be clear, it's just like repairing a car, although we don't know how to repair it, but, where it's broken, what parts need to be replaced, you have to tell us first.'' ......

The old man sneered: "Humph! I can use the five emperor money to divine, find out the specific crisis situation his daughter is facing, and also use the spiritual talisman to break the ban, and even use the Tai Shang Lao Jun urgent order to save her, each solution consumes different energy, and the corresponding price is also different.

Ye Chen smiled and nodded his head.

He recalled that in the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, there was also an account of divination, in which there was indeed a way of using ancient coins to divine trigrams, but the account did not say that the Five Emperor Coins should be used, it only said that ancient coins that were truly round on the outside and square on the inside should be used, and that the older they were, the better the results.

As for the Five Emperors' Coins, it was only in modern times that the Five Emperors' Coins were used, and they often combined the coins of the Qin, Han, Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties to call them the Five Emperors' Coins, but although the author of the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing was nowhere to be found, judging from the age of the porcelain vase at that time, the book was written in the Tang Dynasty at the latest, while the Five Emperors' Coins were only written in the Ming Dynasty at the earliest, so the way of divining trigrams with ancient coins recorded here should be much earlier than the Five Emperors' Coins, and could even be said to be the ancestor of the Five Emperors' Coins.

So, Ye Chen deliberately asked him, "What can you divine with the Five Emperor Coins? How about this, you divine it first, if you divine it well, I will give you 10,000!

The old man immediately said, "Good! Then I'll show you!

After that, he took out a string of copper coins from his pocket, on which hung five coins of different dynasties

Chapter 2632

He then untied the red rope and held the five copper coins in his hand for a moment and shook them, saying in a cold voice: "Kid, watch out!

After saying this, he threw the five coins out and stared at the ground again. The coins on the ground, a shocked face said: This trigram shows that your daughter will have a bloodbath recently, if not timely intervention, I am afraid it will turn into a deadly disaster!

When He Yuanjiang heard this, he immediately became anxious. That's not good enough? He asked, "Old man, please save my daughter no matter what!

Ye Chen was a bit puzzled at this point.

The five emperor coins that the old man had thrown out were indeed five ancient coins of real material, but the information conveyed by this trigram was the meaning of layers of mist and fog.

The reason for this is not because the target's future is confusing, but because the diviner's level is really limited, and because of his limited level, he can only divine the result of looking at the flowers in the fog.

This is obviously a sign that he can't understand anything, but he says that other people are in danger of bloodshed, which is obviously a deliberate attempt to scare people and use it to knock them off their feet.

So, Ye Chen can basically be sure that this old guy is ......

The most he can do is to learn a little bit of the fur of the fur of the fur.

If this is his level, if he is in the field of medicine, it is equivalent to just learning how to distinguish between the positive and negative sides of an X-ray film, and other medical knowledge - no matter what.

So for him to come out and tell fortunes at this level was a complete shakedown.

So, Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and said, "Just by throwing five copper coins on the ground, you can calculate a person's future fortune?"

"That's natural!" The old man said with a proud face: " I have learned this skill for fifty years, and I have already perfected it!"


Ye Chen brushed aside his mouth, "I don't believe you, let me try!

After saying that, without waiting for the old man's consent, he directly grabbed the five copper coins one - by - one.

Afterwards, he thought of He Yuanjiang and his daughter in his mind, and then thought of the account of divination by copper coins in the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures, and after a moment of silent thought, he threw the five coins out.

When the old man saw how serious he looked, he disdainfully brushed his mouth and said, "Do you know the idiom of "East is mechanical"? You look like a real one, how much can you read this trigram!"

Ye Chen ignored his sneer, his attention was focused on the five ......

The five bronze coins.

These five copper coins presented a great amount of information in his eyes.

First of all, the overall trigram sign is a fierce one, and it is an extremely cruel fierce one, almost certain death.

In other words, not only was He Zhiqiu's life in great danger, but there was also the possibility of a tragic death.

Secondly, the direction of the hexagram points to the West, which is so positive that there is hardly any deviation;

In other words, He Zhiqiu's accident must have occurred directly to the west of Jinling;

Syria is in the Middle East and West Asia, which happens to be in the same dimension as the province where Jinling is located, and the trigram shows that it is due west of here, which means that He Zhiqiu's current dimension is not deviating from Ye Chen's location!

In the end, the trigram as a whole looked like a pattern of certain death, but it left the only door of life, and that door of life was right here!

He immediately took out his phone and looked up the latitude and longitude of Syria and Jinling on the search engine, and found that the country of Syria was between 32 degrees 20 minutes north, and 37 degrees north, while Jinling happened to be between 31 and 32 degrees 37 minutes north!

In other words, the dimension He Zhiqiu was currently in was within this interval of 32 degrees 20 minutes to 37 minutes north latitude